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  1. Hello,

    I've created a simple app which makes use of an external css-file. I've added it in the designer as ressource and when I run the app in browser, everything is fine. I can see all the...
  2. My list view contains some floats from my store, but they contains "." as decimal point and the a variable number of zeros behind the dot.

    How can I format them nicely, with a comma as seperator...
  3. Hello,

    I have a function getResults() which loads a JSONP-Store and makes some things with the result.
    These things are implemented in my controller (I have currently only one). Now I want to...
  4. I found the solution in another thread. Problem was the scope of the function:
  5. That works very well. But how can I now update the label in the View? I've referenced a label like this:

    config: {
    refs: {
    label1: '#totalLabel'
  6. Ok, now I have

    store.load(function() {
    for (var i=0; i<this.getCount(); i++) {
  7. I have:

    var store ='MyStore');
    store.load(function() {
  8. Hello,

    i've tried to loop through my store records like the following:

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',

    requires: [
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