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  1. In Ext JS, what is the equivalent event for Sencha Touch initialize?
  2. I tried this but the iPad iOS 9 browser did not refresh the CSS correctly when the CSS was changed on the fly. (Chrome worked fine.)

    In the end, I added a "refresh" event listener and walked the...
  3. Touch version tested:

    Touch 2.3.1, Touch 2.4.1 (fiddle)
    Browser versions or Packager version tested against:

    Chrome Version 41.0.2272.118 m
    Device and OS tested against:

    Windows Desktop...
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    Is there any progress on this problem?
  5. Are the Architect sources available under any license agreements? It would be very useful to us if we could embed it inside our Visual Studio Add-in (plug-in) and communicate with it.
  6. Is Architect written in ExtJS?
  7. Hi
    I just installed Sencha Architect and discovered that there is a 75MB file in the installed directory named xds- What is it?
  8. For Visual Studio 2012, I created a file under scripts named _references.js with the contents:

    // This file provides Sencha Touch intellisense.
    // See...
  9. Thanks Mitchell. Sounds like you web site is a work in progress.

    BTW, the email notification that I received for you reply was NOT in html. They used to be. This means that I have to copy the URL...
    simply says "Guide guides/class_system/README.js is not currently available"

    Can it be made available?
  11. Set up the map listener in the maprender event whose second parameter is the Google map.

    google.maps.event.addListener(map, "click", function (e) {
  12. listeners: {
    itemswipe: function (list, index, target, record, e) { switch (e.direction) {
    case "up": case "down":
    // Not every useful feature in Sencha 2.3:...
  13. It looks like this problem is being caused by overflow: hidden on .x-button. This shows up in the Cupertino.css file around line 960.Just removing the attribute is probably not the right solution. It...
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    Yes, please.
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    Will Sencha Touch (or Ext JS) running in Safari be able to be handed off between platforms using iOS 8 Continuity "handoff"?
  16. Sorry.
    Windows 7 Desktop. Also Windows Server 2012 R2 via RDP.
  17. Just an FYI.

    Chrome 34.0.1847 sometimes fails to display the bottom border of a button in Cupertino style.
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    Will Sencha Spaces support Ext.device.Push ?

    If not, are there any plans? For us this could be a big driver to go to Spaces since we could make use Push Notifications in our corporate apps without...
  19. Hi
    Could you post the code?
  21. The problem is that the scroll is also triggering an up or down Item Swipe Event!

    If you add a check in your itemswipe listener to check for e.direction "right" and "left" only, then you will be...
  22. The problem is that the Window Phone 8 IE goes through the overlays until it find one with an onclick event.

    So I forced an onclick event on my overlay. The event just calls Ext.emptyFn.

  23. This is still a bug in 2.3.1.

    So we keep having to overide the code.

    The fix is a single line of code.
  24. Actually, this is a Microsoft Windows Phone bug.

    If you load the following HTML page in IE 11 or Chrome or iOS you can tap on the light blue over the input and nothing happens.

    But if you do...
  25. Thanks.

    Can you be more specific about "the normal pointer event css that we use"?

    I am sure your engineering people are in touch with Microsoft, but we would like to see if we can apply some...
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