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  1. I just got the latest SVN RowEditor.js and it still appears to be broken. I have 3 columns in my rowEditor and when I edit the 2nd column with new text It shows me that the oldValue = newValue, and...
  2. Right, I agree as well......I think this has already been fixed in the latest release though hasn't it?
  3. the row editor file:
  4. The workaround we have been using since this hasn't been fixed yet is to set hasChange = true (line 199). This basically forces the afteredit event to get fired. It's the only reliable workaround...
  5. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.2 rev 2

    Adapter used:

  6. Yes, you need to return your json with the metaData values defined by your server. This will allow you to map your fields dynamically without having to configure them in advance.

    Take a look at...
  7. @bbxx or Alex84, did either of you ever get this working? Do you have an example of how you implemented it?

    I posted a link about this before I found your thread: ...
  8. Any update on whether this will be fixed in 3.2?
  9. Yeah, it looks like that was the when I select a row the pager doesn't show page-ability unless the node is expanded. Thank you for your help
  10. if I do this and comment out the store.setActiveNode(record) then paging works (for the parent) while a row is selected but not expanded. How should this be modified/adapted so that I don't break the...
  11. Has anyone had a problem with row select and paging. For some reason when I select a row and then try to page it throws off all my paging and the display gets stuck in 'loading...' It seems that for...
  12. Is there any plan to roll this fix into the RowExpander.js code? I've been having issues with my grids disappearing as well with 3.2-RC1
  13. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.2 rev RC1

    Adapter used:

  14. Let me know if I can be of help testing out potential fixes.
  15. I tried posting a working showcase and I'm waiting for it to be approved
  16. Working showcase (from examples/problems/ directory):
    Steps to reproduce:
    1)Add two rows of text in each column
    2)Click the first column of the first row to edit again and then hit tab more than 5...
  17. Saki,

    Here is a working showcase: (works from the ext/examples/problems/ directory structure)

    Steps to reproduce:
    1)Add a couple rows with text in each column
    2)Click on the first row as if...
  18. Version: Ext3.2 beta or Ext 3.1.1

    I have a 2 column edit grid with each column being an editable text field. If I start editing a row and then tab to the last row in the grid, the TAB attempt at...
  19. I have also run into issues with 3.1 (as well as 3.2-beta). When I select a row after expanding the tree grid I sometimes see:

    el is null
    Line 774
  20. Scratch that last error: looks like it was a cache issue with the fix.....I'm testing it out and so far the fix works great
  21. I tested the posted fix out and am still getting errors. Not sure if that was the final fix but I thought I would test it out since I need it to work :)

    tip.triggerElement is undefined...
  22. I'm having some performance issues with the tree grid. When I expand my nodes, if I have more than 50 or so records in my expanded set it takes quite a while to load and sometimes even freezes with...
  23. I'm having a problem when I use two grids for drag drop between grids, and then I try to re-order the rows. I'm noticing that my notifyOver method from the plugin and the onContainerOver method from...
  24. Has anyone been able to get the drag-drop icons for reordering to work the same way they do for dragging an item onto a tree leaf. That way the user can see whether they will be dropping above or...
  25. Follow the link below (scroll down a little bit) for a nice explanation of left and right. It has some good tips for new users. I'm not sure why you get the exception since I use a tbar with my tree...
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