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  1. Hi,

    I have seen that date error conversion in the browsers for long time even with Flash and Flex,
    the solution we found was to do not use Date, and use a string with the format we wanted to...
  2. Architect Build tested:

    SA 2.1.1 Build: 951
    Project Type:

    Extjs 4.2.x

    Increase the grid header height and in Internet Explorer the half of the header is blue, when you use...
  3. Those are good news!. Thanks.
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    Thanks, sencha app build testing revealed the real problem

    In the function parseNamespace: function(namespace) variable "name" is undefined.
    The application has name "MyApp" and namespaces in...
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    Im using SA 2.2 b.908 and CMD
    "Management project" in a big project

    I did not receive any error during "generate" or during "build" but in the browser when I test the built...
  6. sent to
  7. sure,
    to what email can I send it?
  8. Hi,

    Just updated to 2.2.0 b.894, starting to use it
    "Management Project" now has: 186 controllers, 24 models, 403 stores (normal and trees) and 156 views

    1) when do Ctrl+S, or press [Publish] ...
  9. Hi,

    I did a administrative tool using SA 2.1 and Ext JS 4.1, it has like 30 forms/reports with grids,
    The request is to be able to export the Grid data to Excel,

    I tried to follow this...
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    I could deploy the files running the command prompt plus "Run as administrator".

    xcopy "C:\ASTsvn\AST\branches\build.1.30\Ext\Management" "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Management"...
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    Architect Build tested:

    2.1 Build: 588
    Project Type:

    Ext JS 4.1

    I pressed [Deploy] button and copied 0 files.
    Steps to reproduce the problem:
  12. After upgrade to SA 2.1 and Ext 4.1
    when I deploy I get a a message indication there are missing stores for all Ext.form.field.Time components,
    I have not store for that, I use it as default from...
  13. +1
  14. Fixed, excellent news!
  15. Hi,

    attached, what I did based on @ssamayoa post, a check column with cell editing,

    The key points are:
    - column function render()
    - define column editor
    - add folder \css
  16. In spanish we say: "El que espera desespera" in english is something like "He who waits, despairs"
    I have a big project too, and I like SA a lot, I want to use SA to do the project, and Im...
  17. @ssamayoa, @rrkhan

    I was just wondering how to do it, thanks to your post I could show the checkboxes and edit them
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    yah, SA has problems with big projects :
    the last related post about fixing memory issues I saw in:...
  19. I started to get the same issue, crashes when try to duplicate a view,
    the project has 95 controllers, 63 models, 63 stores and 22 views

    Open project it uses 870,308 k
    request duplicate view,...
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    I'm a flex developer moving to SA, it is a great product, version 2.0+ made the difference.
    I'm converting an administrative web app from flex to SA, I have no important issues, just...
  21. Hi,

    today I got this problem because I did not use SA to do a controller,

    steps of what I did:
    with windows explorer in metadata\controllers I duplicate the file of one controller and modified...
  22. Thanks for the fix, verified in build #355
  23. Hi,

    today I update to build #353, and the automatic upgrade created file app.js but did not copy the controllers: ['blah', 'blah2']
    I copied the text missed using a text editor and that fixed the...
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