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  1. Because you always re-create the task. The task instance you'd run and the one you stop are two different entities.
  2. RTFM ;)

    var task = Ext.TaskManager.start({
    run: updateClock,
    interval: 1000

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    Make sure the class defining 'tbspacer' xtype is used or required in the class you use this `tbar` config.
  4. Hm, as far as I remember `nodeappend` on a TreeStore is fired through event relaying mechanism. Maybe there's a bug making it search for the event handler method on a store instance instead of a view...
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    Configure the window grid with a chained store having "thegrid's" store as it's source. Bind chained store filter to the 'thegrid' selection via formula to filter chained store by selected records.
  6. Please show us your code.
  7. Just use

    root.appendChild({...node data...})

    root.insertChild(index, {... node data ...})

    do not directly edit node's private data property.
  8. It's getter method of private configuration option `before`. It's yet unclear what it is used for.
  9. Please format your code using `code` tags, thanks.
  10. Hi,

    use field mapping!/api/
  11. Hi,

    first things first.. What's stopping you from using a store and loading the data with store.load() call?
  12. If a set of fields depends on a date then why not use a particular model subclass, having all the required fields defined, for a particular date or date range. You also will have to configure your...
  13. Are you sure you actually have a view (component) using this view controller? If so please provide the view code as well.
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    Most of the times listing a class in `uses` is enough. That is if you use an `xtype` defined for a component, or `xclass` defined by a class or if your component uses particular viewmodel and/or...
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    The 'TutorialApp.view.main.Main' class is given in `views` configuration in 'TutorialApp.Application', thus it's autorequired.
  16. Ext version tested:
    Ext 6.0.2 rev 437

    Browser versions tested against:
    Any browser is affected the issue is not GUI/DOM related

    DOCTYPE tested against:
    Any doctype is affected the issue...
  17. Any feedback, like you've reported it wrong, or it's not a bug, or thank you very much, would be nice to get ;)
  18. Ext version tested:
    Ext 6.0.1 rev 250

    Browser versions tested against:

    DOCTYPE tested against:
    Strict Quirks
  19. Hi, Gary

    Thanks for taking time to look into the issue, strange you couldn't reproduce it, I will try it again myself and report further details.
  20. Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:

    DOCTYPE tested against:
    <!DOCTYPE html>
  21. Ext version tested:
    Ext 5.0.1 rev 1255

    Browser versions tested against:
    Non browser specific

    DOCTYPE tested against:
  22. Here's the fiddle reproducing the issue:
  23. You might try this one
    let me know about the results if you do ;)
  24. Hi, jhoweaa

    I might have a solution, an extionsion to Sencha CMD making it easier to work with other/external libraries but it's not yet ready for public, I'm in the process of writing a blog...
  25. Hi, wki01.

    What's the point using an extension if there's native tree grid present in ExtJS? If the only reason is to use adjacency list data model then it can be handled simply by extending a...
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