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    Did you get this to work? If so please let me know


    Unanswered: Export Excel file in Extjs

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    I am creating the custom button since my grid is customized. SO I am writing the custom button in.0.7 EXTJS4. my code is like this
    var myButton = ('Ext.Button', {
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    I am using EXTJS 4.0.7 .Did anyone get this exportTest2 library work in EXTJS4.0.7 and above?. When I deploy it I just get the Grid but nothing is showing up as the export button. Any help would be...
  4. I resolved this . Since the data is already in JSON format, ALl I had to do is to declare the same object model is the chart's store and assign data to be chartdata. works fine
  5. an someone please help me qucily to enable me display the nested JSON chart data in this code. When the store loads it does have the nested JSON data and I have provide the firebug snapshot. I am not...
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    Can someone please help me quckly to enable me display the nested JSON chart data in this code. When the store loads it does have the nested JSON data and I have provide the firebug snapshot. I am...
  7. I have the same exact requirement. I can return the div id. But the chart is not rendering to the grid. Can you please help me with this

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    Great answer. That worked fo rme too
  9. Hi,

    I am trying to write a rendering function in EXTJS4 that needs to change the color of the segment of the stacked column chart. The color specification for each segnment is not working in the...
  10. renderTO: "mydiv" with double quotes did it. Thanks
  11. I have a requirement to integrate JQUERY page and the EXTJS4 Chart be integrated. I have developed the application for charts in EXTJS4. How can i render this with in a DIV tag in an HTML page?...
  12. Ok Thanks. I just wanted to find out if there are any other ways. You suggested the Local storage but it not worth all the effort. But this is an API that works in session which is great
  13. How to make Writer.js - PHP example Ajax rest calls to really work? What is the configuration for the server side. If a record is entered will it persist? I am able to get it to work in Session But...
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    Very good Solution!
  15. Thaks so much. It worked
  16. Thanks. I got the rawdata as array [object, Object], [object, Object], [object, Object], > I see this in the data property. How do I convert this to my required JSON string that I defined.

  17. How to asign the raw JSON from JSON store to a variable outside the Store definition-

    // var raw = { data: [{"app":"test1","X":1.82,"Y":54.44},
    // {"app":"test2","X":1.76,"Y":50.53},
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    // var raw = { data: [{"app":"test1","X":1.82,"Y":54.44},
    // {"app":"test2","X":1.76,"Y":50.53},
    // {"app":"test3","X":1.7,"Y":47.37},
    // ...
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    HI all,

    Can anyone please guide me as to how to get the contextPath in EXTJS4

    url: http://localhost:8080/myapp

    I need to be able to remove this hardcoding for the contextPath and...
  20. Thanks. Did not help the situation for now. It was really unexpected that Sencha used their own server side mechanism to convert the SVG string to the images. Of course it is quoted in the docs. But...
  21. JAVA on a linux o/s. Any idea?
  22. OK. Is there any opens source package that can be installed in place of sencha service?
  23. Not sure How I do that? Is there any example? I would like to make this work.
  24. No it did not work. Is seems to be using some service to really draw the image. I changed my address and it did not work. I put it back http;// it works again. I also tried changing the...
  25. Thanks for the reply. definitely there is a clue here. But how do I override this? I have to think about this. Is there a resolved solution for this already?{
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