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  1. I (wishfully) wish Sencha would reply....
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    That wouldn't be ideal. As a fallback I'll just ignore the 100% height of the container requirement, eliminating the need for flex: 1 and just use minHeight. At least there wouldn't be any scrollbars...
  3. You've a typo saying LGPL in the link instead of GPL. Anyhow, I agree with this logic.

    We're bound to release the source code of our applications but Sencha isn't? I know for a fact that some code...
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    Nop, thats not it.Just imagine a month calendar using 100% width and 100% height of the container by default. Without any events each week's "row" will have exactly the same height (basically flex:1...
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    I'm trying to do a calendar using Ext JS layouts and components but I've having trouble fine tunning the height of the "weeks"/rows.

    I've something like this:
    hbox -> flex: 1
  6. Hi,

    The fix provided by the submitter doesn't work, at least for me. Perhaps some of my other hacks or overrides is getting on the way. Anyway, if someone else finds this and needs a fix I'm using...
  7. Hi,

    If you've a grouped grid large enough and you attempt to click one item (near the bottom/after a threshold) you'll experience some odd behaviours. The selection works funny (selecting a item...
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    Does this fix the bug in question or are you just saying a next release has a nightly?
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    A temporary fix or workaround would be nice.
  10. According to "evant" on my own thread this is already fixed:
  11. When a grid is bound to a store with a remote proxy the empty text isn't being displayed correctly on the first refresh (store triggered).

    What happends is that a store's loadRecords function will...
  12. This problem also seems to affect filtered stores. The scrollheigt is ajusted to fit the totalCount instead of just the "visible" items.

    I've overriden even method of BufferedRenderer that has a...
  13. There is a problem with the BufferedRenderer grid's plugin that prevents it from working with data not loaded with a proxy - or at least that's the best way I can summarize it :P

    Anyhow, there are...
  14. Allow me to improve on what I said above.

    Previously the removeAt method was defined as seen here:...
  15. I understand that code and what it's trying to do, namely the speed optimations. However, if I wanted to listen to bulk changes only I would subscribe the bulkadd/bulkremove events instead.

    In my...
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    Very well, it's pretty easy actually, just destroy the GridView and then update the original store. Code:

  17. Before 4.2 beta the remove event fired by the Store -> ... -> AbstractMixedCollection was fire after the object was actually removed but now the list is actually in a inconsistent state.

    The code...
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    I've a window with a grid using the grouping feature that works fine the first time I open it, but fails with the following error if I close/destroy it and re-open it:

    Cannot call method...
  19. I found out that if I call

    var evt = Ext.EventObject.setEvent(window.event);Ext.dd.DragDropManager.handleMouseDown(evt, dd);
    Ext.dd.DragDropManager.startDrag(evt.getX(), evt.getY());

  20. Hi,

    I'm attempting to start a drag & drop operation based on custom logic. My objective is to drag a google maps marker (custom map panel implementation) into a grid or other droptargets. I've...
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    Hi, I was wondering if you had the time to fix the code for the 4.1 release and if you are ready to share the code? I checked your site but still nothing :(

    If you could share it now we all would...
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