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  1. Since I got PMed by community members, I took the time to insert and translate more missing entries. The complete german i18n bundle is attached.

    Just rename the file to
  2. Dear administrator,

    You moved that post from Bug- to the Help-Forum. But still.. it is a bug. The messages are missing in the german locale and one existing entry is mistyped.

    I wasnt asking...
  3. While we're at it, I found another typo. Instead of

    datePicker_minText=Dieses Datum liegt von dem erstmöglichen Datumit should be

    datePicker_minText=Dieses Datum liegt vor dem erstmöglichen...
  4. GXT 2.2.1

    I have not checked all, but stumbled upon missing DualListField messages.
    I would suggest:

    # DualListField
    listField_moveSelectedUp=Selektierte Einträge nach oben verschieben...
  5. sry; works fine.
  6. Doesnt work for me in rev. #2247. Drag indicator remains. Fixed _ONLY_ in 2239?

    Had trouble building though.
    I used GWT 2.0.4 and changed buildscript to ignore nonpresence of...
  7. When a ListView contains more elements than fit in the view (a scrollbar is visible) and one or more elements inside the ListView are selected.
    The user scrolls using the bar holding down...
  8. Damn. should have gone to 'gXt 2.x: Help' forum
  9. Is there an option to have a composite displayfield?
    Meaning: is it possible to specify several properties which are composed to the String displayed in the listfield?

    In my case: I have a...
  10. THX.That did it.
  11. I got some problems with synchronizing modeldata und view-data..

    I have an EditableGrid with some ComboBox columns.
    When a Comboboxes value is changed by the user it isnt propagated to the...
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