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  1. I'm getting what appears to be the same thing on Google Chrome on Windows.

    Suddenly, this morning, my app is completely messed up. If I view the Kitchen sink example, and navigate to the forms...
  2. That works for us, Mitchell! Thanks for the quick response.
  3. Yes, we are having the same problem here. Our forms suddenly stopped working under Chrome 16. This is a serious problem!
  4. We have a form in our app that contains several select fields, and some of the option text is too long to be fully readable on a phone-sized screen in a picker. When the options appear in a list on...
  5. axxerion -

    Can you explain more about solution #1? I think we can do something similar but would like to see some examples. We have the same issue.
  6. Well that's odd, android.scss doesn't even HAVE 70 lines... I guess it's in one of the included files, but I'm completely unfamiliar with Compass, or Ruby in general for that matter. Anyway here is...
  7. David, no, I didn't edit it. I only edited _variables.scss.
  8. I've just upgraded both compass and ST and am getting errors on compiling, also.

    error sass/android.scss (Line 70: Invalid CSS after "...53 !default; *": expected "{", was "/")
  9. This looks really great - did you ever get the pinch zoom working?

    Question though: I think you may need to expand your example a bit because I can't get your code to work as-is. I get the error...
  10. Hey Mitchell, I sent you a private message... don't know if you were notified. :)
  11. First, pull your JSON data into a store. Define and load the store before defining your form or panel that contains the selection list. Then use the "store" property in the selection list config to...
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    Also, how would I trigger an event based on tapping an individual cell rather than a whole row?
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    Thank you Mitchell! I'll give both ways a shot and see if it makes any difference to performance.
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    Hi Mitchell,

    I have an app where there's a grid view loaded in a panel, and there's a selection box where the user can choose which view they want. A new selection brings up an entirely different...
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    I'm experiencing this also.
  16. I haven't tested this, but try this instead (I had the same problem until I did it this way):

    var list = new Ext.List({
    itemTpl : '{starttime} - {endtime} - {activity}',
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