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  1. After 1,5 years developing in GXT I must agree with Adam's opinion.

    I would add up some stuff: nested layout management and integration with different size devices is a hell. In my point of view...
  2. I have the following code and my toolbar disappears on hide, show of the form.

    EditorGrid<ModelData> grid = new EditorGrid<ModelData>(store, new ColumnModel(configs));
  3. Hello,

    I'm having the exact same problem. Changing the response type didn't work, I wonder whether is a hosted mode problem or it works on production with real html.

    In my case the bug is in...
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    I'm creating a grid with a variable number of columns. The first colum size is 200 and the other are 50.
    I can't get a correct grid render. The container is the whole page, so it's big...
  5. Thanks.
  6. Hello,

    The GXT2.0 explorer has been replaced for the latest 3.0. Where can I find the previous version?

  7. This happens cause the underline implementation has 2 html tables. Try to put a fixed width on the parent.

    Hope it helps, first answer :D
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    Based on the GXT showcase example 'Paging BeanModel Grid' I try to reload the grid when I have done a modifiaction to my data source. I defined the loader like that:

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