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  1. Thank you :)
  2. Hi,

    I have a drop menu that has a few checkboxes... when i click on one the drop menu closes... how can i maintain this drop menu open and only closes when click out of menu... i just need to...
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    Hi, this feature is very useful, but how are you using it when having grid with paging? The excel export will have only the contents of the current page, right? How can do this for getting the export...
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    @jsakalos, thanks for the help :)

    Now i have another problem... in IE6 and IE7.

    I can get the correct value from DateTime field, if the field looses focus.
    For example, i choose a date and...
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    It seems to be a problem if we have editable: true on time field. If we double click time field, that value will be the only value that we can get from the fields... ie if we double click...
  6. Unfortunately i tried that before without success :(
  7. Thanks for reply... here's the code... when doing reset, the form come up with the last values that were filled during edit action (basic setValues for all fields).


    var grid = new...
  8. Hi,

    I'm having problems with form reset... i have a form that is used for add (no initial values) and for edit. The problem is that if edit a register first, when i open the add form, it has the...
  9. Hi again Mystix... well, my last question was stupid one... i've just get it to work, thanks to you :)

    Thanks very much!
  10. Mystix, i analyzed again your other post where you have the fix that you mentioned... you should be right about this... one doubt, how can i patch my file... the 2.1 version available is the same...
  11. Hi Mystix,

    Not sure it is the same issue... i'm not having problem with the format... the problem happens in DateField only when i have an jsonstore with fields with type: date and dateFormat...
  12. Hi, i have a strange problem happening. I have a jsonstore like this (example):

    var store = new{
    url: <url>,
    baseParams: {
    method: 'get'
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