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  1. The event you need to listen to is "requestexception". I don't know what version you are using, so I don't know where/when a change was made to where to listen to that event.

    For example, when...
  2. Assuming you're not auto-loading the combo's store, a couple of possible options to do when the form is loaded...
    1. If you know the page the value exists on, you could load that page:
  3. :) Title states one thing. You first comment states the opposite :)
  4. So, you need to remove all selected records? If so:

    var grid = // get handle on grid
    var selections = grid.getSelection();

    Hope this helps
  5. For #1:
    For some reason, when the editor has not been initialized (i.e. has no initial size) its starting position offset (style top) is calculated to be half of the 'align to target' height. I...
  6. For #2:
    I think it is because your editor is not a field, so it isn't focused. If you force focus into one of the fields when it is opened, then clicking away seems to work.
    Something like (on...
  7. for p.s. :

  8. For the second part, the filter defined on the store can be a function so you can do the complex check.

    var filters = [
    return item.age >= 40 && item.age <= 60;...
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    You could listen to the beforeselect event and return false if the item is to not be selected.!/api/Ext.tree.Panel-event-beforeselect

    Hope this...
  10. That error is because you are trying to insert items before the items array is initialized. Reverse these:


    Other issues:
    - Remove the xtype...
  11. a few issues:
    1. To give a class an 'xtype', it is defined as:

    alias : ''

    2. The 'onReady' function should probably be an 'initComponent' function.

    3. The class is...
  12. Widgets used on the widget column are pooled for reuse. The widget column should be handling the widget's lifecycle. Destroying widgets managed by the column will cause problems. Conditionally...
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    Fields have a minimum supported height based on a lot of different configurations. If you're going smaller, you'll have to override the CSS like the font size, line-height, trigger image...
  14. For those not on the latest version, the following override does appear to fix this.

    Ext.define('Ext.overrides.view.BoundList', {
    override: 'Ext.view.BoundList',
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    Is this what you're asking for?


    Hope this helps.
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    Sounds like what you want is for the sort order to not change. The default behavior appears to be that the column you click on is always set to be the first item the data is sorted on. From the...
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    The problem you are seeing is because of how the Ext.grid.NavigationModel handles focus. It doesn't recognize events inside the row expander body. It just sees the event as a cell event.

    Here is...
  18. Is it related to this?
  19. Override for ExtJS that works on the fiddle posted above:

    Ext.define('Ext.overrides.Component', {
    override: 'Ext.Component',

    // OVERRIDE...
  20. Related thread:
  21. Extra info only:
    Most components are masked when disabled, so hovering over them is hovering over the mask not the actual item. Hence no tooltip.
  22. Here is a fiddle showing that it does work. Although sorting by a different column will change that columns sort order/direction.

  23. Sorry, mis-read your post.

    You probably need to listen to the beforesort event on the store, check what attribute is being sorted and in which direction. I don't think you can return false to...
  24. An easy way within a Grid... there isn't a way via a direct configuration. You'd have to customize a solution. One approach is to translate the dataset into 10 objects with 3 pairs of values...
  25. Column has a sortable attribute. Just set it to false.!/api/Ext.grid.column.Column-cfg-sortable

    Hope this helps.
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