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  1. Hi Mitchell,

    Maybe you can help me.
    I have a bar chart on my sencha touch application,
    in development mode it works fine, however after I build the app to either testing or production build...
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    oh sorry about that
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    you can remove the data type of the values which you are expecting to be null and make an if statement to change nulls to "" and the graph will be continuous with no gaps if null values are...
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    has anyone found a workaround to make a line graph skip null values ?
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    I need to use this for my application.
    can you please explain how to use it after the notification.js file is downloaded and included in the application.

  6. is there a plugin for InteliJ IDEA for EXT JS4?
  7. you can use Ext.LoadMask for that purpose.
    Ext.Msg is modal by default as far as I know.
  8. I also did an app which uses a list and a rather elaborated template and I can say that the performnce is very different between iphone and android. On iPhone it runs very smoothly however with some...
  9. when I tried GeoLoaction did not work in Chrome but works ok in iPhone Safari
  10. documentation for the sencha sdk tools is a mess
  11. Hi I am getting the same error as you when trying to package my app for Android. Haven't tried iOS yet.
    have you managed to solve the problem yet?
    I will try to use the sencha generate command and...
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