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  1. thanks for the reply. At first, no I just switched in the new library, but when I saw the problem I copied in the entire resource directory.recompiled GWT and same problem. (refreshed cache in...
  2. I've just migrated to gxt2.3.1 and its all good so far, apart from the grid header menu's no longer display properly.

    Please find attached image demonstrating the problem.

    Please advise if you...
  3. I badly need a fix to the above problem and need to know if I can wait til the fix is released, or if I need to write a work-around. (- though that would be tricky)

  4. I've just had my users report the same problem using Version 24.0.1312.52 m on a PC.

    Please let me know if you have a workaround it renders my app completely unusable.

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    Hi Ersmarker,

    can you give me a rough ETA for the fix please? I need know if I need to continue looking for workaround solutions.

    Many thanks,
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    thanks, maticpetek,

    okay, so I moved it to the end of the sencha .css, as you suggested - rather than in my-app.css.

    so, that has sorted the first of my 2 grids. But my second one, which in...
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    Hi there, I tried the two stylesheet fixes mentioned in this post, but still no good.

    so am waiting patiently for the Sencha fix.

    many thanks,
  8. I've just found that since upgrading to GWT2.4 (from 2.1) my setStyleAttribute calls no longer work.

    FYI, I figured my problem out. Part of my upgrade to GWT2.4 was to change my html dtd to:
  9. Sven, thanks for the reply.

    ok, will try to create a standalone test case, if I have time.

    FYI, Right now its reproducable in my code; if I don't add headers it works, as soon as I add headers...
  10. Hi, I seem to be experiencing the same problem, and just found this thread.
    I have a grid with column headers. I want certain columns to have cells of a different background colour, using the same...
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    excellent work.

    I was actually just about to give up porting my webapp to Sencha coz even the Sencha examples don't work on my target device (HTC Desire):...
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    is there any more info on this topic please?

    I've been trying to work out how best to replace our window.close() calls while not leaving memory leaks in our code.

    There seem to be lots of...
  13. Hi folks,
    I'm new-ish to using GWT and ext GWT and have been trying to use setFieldLabel(). So I read this forum entry with interest. I see that the last post was over a year old, so I wonder 2...
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