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    i have an A page, i insert a hidden iframe on A page which will link to B page have extjs (js, css ...etc..), i need init js code in B and show a window and move it arround on A, is this possible?
  2. Here is code i got from resizable example:

    - Turn off dynamic
    - Resize image in Customizable Handlessection
    - Drag it, and now origin goes wrong in first drag.

    var custom = new...
  3. @Animal: thanks :), here for anyone interested

    var panel = new Ext.Panel({
    title: name,
    closable: true,
    html: '<img src="' + url + '" id="img-' + id + '" />',
  4. - I use Resizable to resize an image which will place into a panel as html and panel will place into a windows

    - And problem is: when windows in a normal size, it work perfect, i can do a drag,...
  5. so i guess that css is used to show icon before name? can u give more info about built-in class and how to made a custom class for this, thanks.
  6. When i click expand on empty tree root node, it show loading icon forever, i can not do anything else.

    I tried put some children when init tree and root node (inline), it expand so well, (it a...
  7. i got a same problem, plz give me more details about how use notifyOver, thanks.
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    i try testing with:
    - Setup a form, region center
    - Setup a window, add form into it
    - Show window.
    And problem is: when i try to resize windows width smaller than form with, a form like in...
  9. i got a window with a form panel on west, how i show a waiting message box only on this panel and only block this when submit form.
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    here is that form panel:

    addeditFolderForm = new Ext.FormPanel({
    title: 'Add Folder',
    closable: true,
    bodyStyle: 'padding:5px 5px 0',
    defaults: { width:...
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    i made a form, every form field will got a horizontal scroll bar when i resize form smaller, how remove it and put only one horizontal scroll bar at bottom of form ? thanks
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    hi, i want ask question about license, i use extjs to get data from server, this code on server will go GPL as well?
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