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  1. Sorry about the delay here.

    It's triggered with as few as a couple of thousand records, although typically my store has at least 500K.

    The store is always buffered: true, and it doesn't matter...
  2. Ok, then what's the proper way to refresh the records of the current page without jumping to page 1, when i'm scrolled down a few hundred thousand lines?

    I suppose this thread needs to be moved to...
  3. I don't need to do anything special to trigger this. A buffered store with a lot of records, store.load() triggers it consistently every time.

    My store is setup like this:

    var s =...
  4. I think a fix for the records being undefined will help your situation, i'm pretty sure we are talking about the same thing: ...
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    I can answer the why question: my grids often have in excess of 5M rows, so there is no way to keep all that browser-side and server-side has to be authoritative for the data and the browser side...

    Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.2.*, including 4.2.2 and

    Browser versions tested against:

  7. For the record, in case someone is wondering about whether things work in the commercial version of 4.2.2, the answer is no, reloads are still broken.

    Release notes are mentioning, EXTJSIV-9991...
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