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    From what I can tell this is a bug in ext. There is a totalLength property that the pager uses to determine pagesize. This property is only updated in the loadRecords method. So here is workaround...
  2. Check out the Ext.ux.LocalPagingCoordinator
  3. @Animal
    I don't understand the purpose of being a jerk to the members of the forum. If you don't like helping people with their questions, get another job, otherwise suck it up and learn to be...
  4. So is there a way to override the menunav on an EditorGridPanel?

    You may have already answered this question, but I'm kinda slow sometimes ...
  5. Yeah, I'm having the same issue, worked on it a bit Friday, gonna try to tackle it again today.
  6. Try this:

    //remember the load event fires once the store is LOADED, not before it loads
    //whichever store loads last will see the other 2 stores statuses as true
    //the 1st and 2nd stores loaded...
  7. I've scratched the idea of extending the TextField in favor of just overriding the beforeedit event (as you suggested).

    This works perfectly for the way I wrote the code.

    Basically, this is...
  8. I have a couple more questions, if you don't mind entertaining a n00b's pitiful notions :)

    1. The setValue and getValue functions both are called twice in this order:

  9. Thanks! It looks like that's exactly what I need. I'll post the completed code when I have it complete for others to use.
  10. I've read and noticed in other posts that the render event only fires once.

    Which event will fire each time a cell in a grid is clicked assuming you have a custom editor field on that cell?

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    Check out this site:

    It demos just about all the animation possibilities.

    There are 2 possibilities that you will need to consider:

    1. The thumbnails...
  12. Not sure if this is the problem, but your JSON is invalid

    Here's a valid version of it:

    { "address": "\"Home\" Number \"" }

    Notice the \ on the second to last double quote.

    Happy Coding!
  13. If you mean that WITHIN the textfield itself you can't scroll left or right, then its probably a validation issue where the key presses are being consumed or erroring out.

    Please post your code so...
  14. I think you want to do this instead:

    store1.on('load', function(){ store2.load(); }, this);
    store2.on('load', function(){ store3.load(); }, this);
    store3.on('load', function(){...
  15. I managed to write a custom onRender event which creates my custom editing interface with 2 textboxes per time string delimited by ";".

    The issue I have now is that once rendered the custom...
  16. Yeah, that's exactly what I want to do. To have 2 pairs of textboxes per time pair


    StartTime (textbox) EndTime (textbox)

    <button>Add New Time</button>
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    Have you tried it in all the different browser modes?

    IE7, IE8, IE9, standards compatibility and quirks modes.

    Also, have you stepped into the ext code in the JS debugger to see where the...
  18. Basically, I'm trying to create a custom editor field in a GridEditorPanel.

    The input will be like this: "HH:MM-HH:MM;HH:MM-HH:MM;SUNRISE-SUNSET". (time schedules)

    And I've written code...
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