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  1. Hi Edhilion ,

    Thank for your fixe but plot are not well placed with this fix, (X axes scaling is not correct)

    Another test case is availaible : ...
  2. Hi everybody,

    I encouter somes troubles to do a chart with Time axes, When i set type of the bottom axes to 'Time', line does not appear, if i set it to 'Category' that's work, but i want this to...
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    Same here, i get some difficulties to make work Time axis! Maybe someone have an example code ?
  4. it was very strange, with ie8 in localhost that's working, but with the dns in url that's not working !

    Great, thank, this help me. that's work fine now.
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    You can use same models

    Ext.define('App.model.Combo', { extend: '',
    fields: [ {name: 'value', type:'string'}, {name: 'name', type:'string'} ]

    And the same...
  6. In my view you must use an and not an ArrayStore.

    I encouter this problem, with ArrayStore, proxy configuration is not loaded, in variable 'me' line 44187 in ext-all-debug.js.
  7. Hi guys,

    Translation for grouping grid are not working, i've include ext-lang-fr.js but i'm having lb in english.

    I have make some code change :

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