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  1. Hi,
    I use the Box with a store in my Project like this

    new Ext.ux.form.SuperBoxSelect({
    msgTarget: 'title',
  2. The Error Message is "Attempting to extend from a class which has not been loaded on the page."
    in ext-all.js line 1

    I can't give you a url because I try it on a subdomain on oure local...
  3. Same problem here. Hope you can fix it fast!
  4. Sorry I use it with the version 3.1 but when I start workin with it I have the same problem. I don't knew how I fix it. But I think it is possible!

    Can somebody tell me how to user it moren then...
  5. you have to include the ThemeCombo an the css files! The example shows how it works.
  6. ofcause the id is another on each LOVCombo..... :)
  7. Hm thats a problem, is use it in a form where I want to upload some Pictures. Each upload field has a LOVCombo.
    The Code is something like this

    new Ext.ux.form.LovCombo({
  8. Hey,
    Can I user it more than once on a page? On my page it shows sometimes in the next Combo not the right data and sometimes the data from another combo in my Form.
  9. Yes, that works great, thank you very much!
  10. Hey,
    the lovcombo is very nice. I Put some code to my Project. My only problem is that the values I have select disappear when I leave the Dopdown.

    Here is some simple code:

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    My Forms show the data. Thats not the Problem. I need the right data in the combo. Is in you code the select event fired when you populate the form?! I don't think. Where else is the second store...
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    I cant't see that you load the store2 for the second combo on start. It just loads when you select combo1 but not when you populate / load the data?!
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    I knew your code. My is based on this? You tried to put this in a form, save the data and then to populate again? You will see that it is not populating your data right. The events select are...
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    I have two Combobox when I choose something in the first combo in the second combo there store is reloaded with other data.

    combo1 = new Ext.form.ComboBox({
  15. Hi,
    I have a paging toolbar which works fine in a older version from ext. Now I Upgrade to the newes ext version and the toolbar is no more working. I extend the toolbar to give parameters on paging...
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