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  1. I've just checked through our code base and it was actually a bit easier than that!

    There are two properties that you need to set, neither of which are in the docs.

    degree: sets the start point...
  2. Yes, we did manage to solve it!
    I think we did something with adding a dummy value to get the right position, then overwriting the array with the correct values and it worked fine.

    I'll see if I...
  3. So I've had some time to think about this and have managed to do pretty much the same thing in JavaScript rather than using VBScript:

    handler: function () {
    var box =...
  4. Strange request, but bear with me...

    We need to do some spell checking on an internal ExtJS application.

    The key there is "internal" which means we have a known platform of Internet Explorer...
  5. That's brilliant, thank-you, exactly what I was looking for!

    As I said, the API docs are lacking in detail for the data.Record object, especially when it comes to what can be done with the...
  6. I'm struggling with mapping complex JSON to my grid.

    My JSON looks something like this:

    "item": 1,
    "subitems": [
    { "subitem": 1, "value": "A" },
  7. We have an ExtJS UI which is basically a preview of data before it is saved down to an Excel file.
    The issue is due to the orientation of how the data is drawn in ExtJS compared to Excel:

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    It's in the API:


    eg, MyDateField.minValue = Date();


    You could use the...
  9. Thanks for your hints.

    At the moment I get the attached screenshot, so I know that *most* of it is working (re: the width/height) but I just need pointers on what I should be checking for as I'm...
  10. Some of this has been hacked about to remove unrelated code, but you should see enough to understand where I'm going wrong!!

    Some notes: our tabPanel starts with (in this example) one enabled...
  11. This is how I've achieved something similar.

    I create a temporary child "form" (ie, an html form) and populate that with my parameters in "input" boxes - in much the same way you'd write out an...
  12. Thanks for this - the same "fix" was on my list of things to do in my app and it worked for me :D
  13. Hello all.

    I'm having trouble getting a panel to work with the items that I want to put into it. It's probably some really simple technical reason, but I want to understand the issue more.

  14. Not much else I can add to help here except:

    Flash: You have version 10,1,53,64 installed
  15. I've built a StackedBarChart and need to relabel the axis from 0-100 to "Low"-"High" instead.
    I can use the Ext.chart.NumericAxis.labelRenderer without any problem at all - it works fine FIRST...
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    Possibly, but to be honest it's amongst a whole load of files and code that cutting it out to make a useful testcase will take too much time that I don't have right now! Maybe when this project...
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    Well in my case I'm calling QuickTips.init as the first thing in Ext.onReady and still have the problem!
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    I've just had a similar problem - I managed to figure out that it was the width of the outer DIV which was stopping the icon from being visible. You may want to debug using Firefox/Firebug (or...
  19. Hate to say this but ... read the API!

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    Here's an example from my current codebase.

    I have created a custom component of two input boxes - the idea is that you can input an amount (into txtValue box) and it will update the percent...
  21. I've been looking through the API, specifically at PieChart.seriesStyles, as I want to put either a border round my pie segments, or to space my pie segments.

    Currently I have the left-hand side...
  22. Just for completeness in this thread (and to help people searching, like me!) I will explain it a little more!

    You first need to create your Ext.LoadMask object. This will contain the message...
  23. Awesome, thankyou!

    I was wondering if there would be some way of implementing a customised root (I had read about swapping the root in a pre-forum-post search!) but my inexperience in ExtJS was...
  24. Quick question - I think I know the answer to this one, but just want to check with someone who has more experience with ExtJS and JSON than I do!

    I have a JsonReader, which is working fine, but...
  25. Thanks very much, that was very helpful!
    With a little bit of fiddling I've managed to achieve the exact effect I need:


    To do this, I added the additional data points (the black blobs)...
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