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  1. Yes, it's easy to reproduce on Basic Array Grid example. To reproduce you need repeat following steps:
    Resize browser to make grid's height larger than window's height: 33930
    Then press "AT&T...
  2. I'm not sure, maybe it's a feature ), maybe grid tries to move the item in the center of the screen to focus user's attention. But this behavior isn't desirable for us, because after clicking on...
  3. Is it possible to rid of page scrolling when I click an item in grid? It happens when input focus is outside grid, I click an item, and then it scrolls trying to align selected item closer to the...
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    I need to get JSON representation of my model object. Is it safe just to use data property or there is another right way to do it?
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    Unfortunately MessageBox isn't an option - it behaves the same way as Window, but additionally provides handy stuff typical for MessageBoxes (buttons, messages, etc).

    Not aware about custom panel...
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    Is there in Ext JS 4 something similar to jQuery Dialog window - ability to pop up custom div element which will behave like dialog window? I want to rid of title bar, close button and border.
  7. I've tried access it via 'arguments', didn't know that it can be accessed directly. Thanks!
  8. For instance I have following base class:

    Ext.define('MyCompany.BaseClass', {
    extend: 'Ext.panel.Panel',

    // This field I want to initialize
    customField: '',

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    Thanks! It definitely makes sense.
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    Sorry, for the newcomer's stupid question, but I don't get what's the point in Ext.apply()?

    If it just copies provided properties to the specified object, what's the difference between following...
  11. Oh, Mats, you are so lightning fast here as well as on Bryntum forum! What I would do without your helpful answers?! Thanks!
  12. When stable version of Ext JS 4 will be available for licensed users without support subscription? It's the real pain to deal with 4.0.2a.
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