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  1. Thank you - your suggestion worked
  2. I require to display/embed a PDF file returned from a JAVA servlet into an extjs 4
    widget (probably an iframe).
    I have Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin installed.
    The code below frequently works -...
  3. The application below allows user to login, click 'Search' on the Home menu
    which invokes the 'main' page containing a tree panel.
    This works correctly when first entering page - however if user...
  4. Hello,Thank you for reply. Can you explain how I resolve the element? The grid is being rendered into targetIdwhich has been resolved.In order to avoid confusion, I have removed the part of the code...
  5. Hello,Thank you for your response.
    I don't actually understand the reply. Is this for the 1st or 2nd code segment?
    Which element do you mean?
    How do I find out whether I need to handle...
  6. Hello,

    I require to add a file browser to my application -
    allowing users to browse for files on their local server
    and upload files to another server.

    Having used the example in the...
  7. Hello,

    I have a form with a datefield which carries out default validation
    in the format: "m/d/Y"
    I require validation and also rendering to be in format: "d/m/Y".
    Please can you indicate the...
  8. Hello,
    Please can you specify how to carry out form submission using Ajax, JSON

    I have a form with a submit handler as shown below. Ths sends data to
    server using Ajax but not JSON.
  9. Hello,

    thank you for your reply.
    Following the add,set,remove methods, the store is updated.
    The sync() method then causes the writer to post the altered data
    to the server using the url....
  10. Hello,
    How can I determine if Create, Update, Delete operations
    complete successfully? I need to indicate to the user
    if a server CRUD operation fails.

    I have created store as below.
  11. Hello,
    Thank you for your replies.

    I have modified the northern region as below.
    This successfully centred the title in the title bar. However the icon is at
    the far left of the title bar....
  12. Hello,

    I have defined/created a viewport having a border layout with north region as below:
    Please can you inform me if/how I can centre the title and also add an icon ( i have a
    16x16 gif) to...
  13. Thank you for your reply.

    I have used a beforeLoad listener as below.
    The parameters are correctly sent to the server the first time the grid's store is loaded. However,
    when I select the...
  14. Hello, I should have said also that:
    I require that the parameters sent to the server following clicking on the paging buttons must be dynamic, i.e. shall change each time - would you know how this...
  15. Thank you Mitchell for reply.

    I should have said also that:
    I require that the parameters sent to the server following clicking on the paging buttons must be dynamic, i.e. shall change each...
  16. Hello,
    I am using a gridpanel with a paging toolbar contained within the panel's bbar.
    When reloading data to store, it is required that parameters are passed to the server,
    in order to filter...
  17. Hello,

    Thanks to a reply from an earlier post, by somebody else on a similar theme, I seemed to have resolved this by not using dockeditems and instead using bbar and tbar.

    kind regards,
  18. I am having a problem when I attempt to repeatedly add a grid panel to
    a container's center region having a border layout.

    I have created a Viewport which has a border layout.

    In the west...
  19. Hello,
    I am having difficulty sending an Ajax request to a remote server using JSON.
    The purpose of the request is to send an 'Event' object (or preferably only its
    unique id) to be deleted from...
  20. Hello,

    Am using ext js 4.

    I would like to use a combo box to filter data contained in a grid
    panel. i.e. retain the rows in the grid if they match the combo box
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