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  1. Thanks for the quick reply and your input.

    Part of my problem was I was missing PhoneGap 1.2 on this mac. Thankfully phonegap download section has them.

    It does seem to work on iOS 5.1. But...
  2. Hello guys,

    I have an old app based on ST1.1 and PG1.2.
    I know a lot has changed since then, but I'm trying to port it over to iOS 5.
    Could someone steer me to right direction?
    Thank you.
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    +1 for this
  4. thank you again. it worked nicely.
  5. focus and blur events do fire as expected and add panel just fine.
    It's just that removing that panel doesnt do the trick.

    So I remove a panel with
    this.searchPanel.remove(this.newPanel); And...
  6. Hello,

    So I have two listeners (focus and blur) on a textfield. focus() and blur() listeners will call different controller method.
    focus() will create a newpanel, add(newpanel), then...
  7. I've used navigator.geolocation.stop()

    This will stop gps locations calls when used with phonegap.
  8. This is driving me crazy... Same code works just fine on web browser but does not disconnect gps location calls when used with PhoneGap.

    So basic controller code :

  9. What do you know... as soon as i post that it doesnt work, I find something that works.

    following this direction & this post :

  10. hmmm... not sure what to do. post seems to address the same topic. I've followed it using type:'scripttag' as well, but just hangs...
  11. Hello, this is probably just a confirmation question but couldnt find an exact "yes" on the web.

    So I have a call with url set to some remote php file that serves up json.
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    'mouseup' worked for me without using above fix.
  13. Ok, so this is what I did to resolve :

    var id = parseInt(index);

    var filtered = MyApp.stores.mydata.getAt(id);
    var data = {
  14. Yes, it does return correct data record.
    When I use it as store : (or filteredStore in my example), it gives me

    Uncaught Attempting to create a component with an xtype that has not...
  15. It's an instance of

    MyApp.stores.mydata = new{
    model: 'somemodel',
    proxy: {

  16. [RESOLVED]

    Should be simple but cant seem to get it right.
    I want to "filter" out a store data with getAt() and use that for xtemplate.

    var id = parseInt(index);

    var filteredStore =...
  17. 'p' just points to 'this' so in my example, it's just referring to this.mapPanel :
    from Sencha Doc API 1.1

    deactivate( Ext.Component this )
    Fires after a Component has been visually deactivated....
  18. navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(Ext.util.Functions.createDelegate(function(pos){
    initialLocation = new google.maps.LatLng(pos.coords.latitude, pos.coords.longitude);
  19. After trying out several things, I believe following fixed this issue for me.
    I had to destroy the map panel then render it again.

    this.mapPanel = this.render({
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    Quick question:

    items : [{
    itemTpl:'{StoreCode} : {StoreName} ({distance})',
    store: MyApp.stores.mydata
  21. panel.mon(panel.body, {
    scope : panel,
    delegate : 'a',
    tap : function() {......}

    Where can I find mon() in Secha Docs API?
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    I remember I had similar problems using TabPanel.
    Now I am attaching the bottom "tabbar" wrapped in Ext.Panel in my Viewport, using card layout.
    Then using setActiveItem, I render views I want,...
  23. So when "showmap" method is dispatched, it works and shows map just fine.

    But when "showmap" is dispatched 2nd time, it shows like this: (DOES NOT SHOW MAP)

    I was thinking...
  24. Hello, I have following in controller :

    this.mapPanel = this.render({
    xtype: 'LocationsMapView'

    //then get DOM of...


    I just cannot seem to figure out why following code does not work 2nd time :

    in controller :

    showmap: function(options){
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