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  1. [OPEN] I opened a support ticket, but how does this help...

    I opened a support ticket, but how does this help others that can view this forum? Can you at least answer the question as to whether the plugin works behind a proxy? And if not, is there an ETA...
  2. [OPEN] 6.0.1 - Can't Register / Register doesn't work behind proxy

    I am a paid Sencha subscriber and I installed the plugin. When I launch Visual Studio 2013, I am prompted to enter my Sencha ID and password. I entered this and clicked Register.

    After doing...
  3. Cmd not building ST 2.42 production builds

    I downloaded the latest Cmd and the latest ST 2.42. I cannot get ST 2.42 production builds to work correctly.

    Steps to reproduce:

    I generated a new app with

    sencha -sdk...
  4. The announcement is posted at the top of the...

    The announcement is posted at the top of the forum on how to fix this.

    See info here:
  5. [OPEN] I can confirm this is still an issue as of ST...

    I can confirm this is still an issue as of ST 2.4.1
  6. [OPEN] CSS references to resource/images don't work in IE10 on production builds

    The production micro-loader doesn't work correctly for IE10.

    I've been porting our tablet app to IE10 for our sales force. The app runs fine in development with the dev micro-loader. When you run...
  7. [FIXED] Work-around

    Here is the fix..

    Ext.define('App.IndexBar', {
    override: 'Ext.dataview.IndexBar',

    initialize: function() {

  8. [FIXED] Indexbar behavior change from Sencha Touch 2.0 to 2.2

    In Sencha Touch 2.0, the indexbar was tapable; the user could tap a letter on the right side of a list, and the list would jump there. See example here:
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    Actually this thread is not about new features of...

    Actually this thread is not about new features of ST 2.2 - this thread is about someone's wishlist for Sencha Touch and Android. The title of the thread is misleading. As Mitchell stated from the 2nd...
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    Android Back Button with PhoneGap

    If you package your Sencha Touch app with PhoneGap, you can easily bind the Android back button to your own javascript function like this:

  11. 3/19/2013 Code fixes

    I made some code changes to the Titlebar and BlackBerry Viewport. Anyone that has used this should update accordingly.
  12. Turn off animations

    I'm not sure why, but whenever Sencha animates a Sheet or View, the back button breaks. The solution is to turn off animations for Blackberry.

    You can see how to do that (and other Blackberry...
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    [OPEN] Update

    Please see this thread I created for an update:
  14. GUIDE: Deploying Sencha Touch 2.1 as a Blackberry native apps (Webworks)

    I am by no means an expert when it comes to Blackberry, but I wanted to at least share my experience with getting Sencha running on Blackberry OS7 devices as a native application using Blackberry's...
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    [OPEN] Update coming..

    Hey guys, I can confirm the fix I supplied earlier in the year with ST 2.0 doesn't work anymore. I have a new fix that I'm testing out in ST 2.1. I will provide more details in the next day or so.
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    [OPEN] Work around

    Here is a work around I came up with. This code actually addresses two seperate problems:
    1) The Blackberry does not like the viewport height of 100%. As the first poster found out, it renders 6px....
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