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    Hello everybody,

    I have a big problem since few days. I spent long hours searching solutions on the web and forums but nothing. I develop, in a simple web page a chart (using Highcharts)....
  2. Hello,

    I need to put an image inside a chart to ? you find a solution ?

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    Please, any idea for this problem ?
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    Hello all,

    I use 3 consecutive numberfield to enter some spatial coordinates like that


    At the end coordinates can be : 00d01mn58s

    But I need to allow this kind of coordinates :...
  5. Ok I found a solution. I removed the update() function and put a random number in the name of the image to refresh to avoid the browser cache. And it's work with all browsers now.

    Sylvia From...
  6. It seems that is a problem with the function update() line :


    Any Idea ?
  7. Nobody for this problem ?
  8. Hello,

    I use ext img (Extjs V4.0.2) in a panel to display images wich are refreshed every x seconds.

    Is there the components :

    img1 = Ext.create('Ext.Img', {
  9. Thanks. I will try soon !
  10. Hello,

    I have a tabpanel. And I want to dynamically change the possibility for the user to set a tab closable or not. For that I use de method (in the 4.0 documentation) setClosable() but I...
  11. Well, I use your solution : tabPanel.remove() and it seems to work. Thanks a lot !

    @jay : yes, sorry for my poor english, it's not very easy to explain technical issues with foreign language !
  12. Well, Thanks for your answer. But I don't understand.

    Do you have an idea to solve my problem ? I thought that if I destroy my tab and create a new one it can works but not ...
  13. Hello,

    I have a tabpanel, and when I click on a menu I hava some tabs which appears.

    I need to change the content (the item in fact) of a tab switch a variable session ($_SESSION['VARIABLE'])....
  14. Hello,

    I would like to do the same : add onMonthChange listener but I don't understand how to do that.

    Someone have a solution to propose.

    Thanks in advance

    Sylvia From France
  15. Thanks a lot for your answer.
    In fact, I already had this solution but I woul'd like to mix html divs and extjs components It's why I call div 'exo' like that for example :

    <div id="exo"...
  16. Hello,

    I have an application with a tabpanel in the center and when I click in menu, some tabs are opened. When I load html in these tabs, no problem it display, but I try to load extjs components...
  17. Well,

    I putted a fonction at start of onready() where all treePanels are created in advance.

    It works, thanks.
  18. Indeed this solution works, but I have big dynamic application with special code page for menus : switch cases, different trees appears and change switch user actions, I cannot put the creation of...
  19. Ok, here is a litle source code with a simple tree. ExtJS 4.0.2a and IE 8.0.6001.18702..

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
  20. Well,

    I downloaded et installed the version 4.0.2a (gpl) and there is the same problem

  21. Hello,

    Of course, it was one of the first thing that I did, I searched everywhere in my code this "Name", but nothing... it's not in my code...

    Mystère, mystère ....

  22. Hello,

    Yes I use the hideHeaders option, but it doesn't work.

    var treeUser = Ext.create('Ext.tree.Panel', {
    title: 'myTitle',
    cls : 'customMenu',
    sortableColumns : false,
  23. Hello,

    I founded a solution for the treeStyle (for line colors in fact not line height) :

    for example put this in your css

    .customMenu .x-grid-row-selected .x-grid-cell {
  24. Here is example of my code that it works fine :

    if (conn.form.isValid()) {

  25. Hello,

    In fact I have two questions :

    1. I try a treePanel and a header named "Name" appears in IE but not in Firefox (see attachment) . I would like to remove this header. Any Idea ?

    2. I...
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