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    how did you center your icon, did you use iconmask - x-icon-mask?

    I get a white square when I used the iconmask...

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    To start off...I want to thank "wnielson" and other contributors for creating and expanding on the menu functionality. I have been tweaking this on and off for a couple of months. One of the things...
  3. Thanks jweber!

    I almost have this working in Architect.
    In Architect how do I change up the controller route action so it can take up the query object?

    routes: {
  4. This question has probably been asked but do you think this can become an Architect feature in the near future? I'm also interested in seeing menu dropdown functionaliy in Architect (like the plugin...
  5. I'm trying to use GAE Python on the backend with Touch front-facing and I need to declare static directories, it wasn't clean....but no worries.....thanks!
  6. From the way Architect saves the project file we have as a basic example:

    --> app folder
    --> metadata folder
    --> .architect file
    --> app.html
  7. Ok..figured you had to sent paramters at the custom event leve...thanks!
  8. Hi,

    I created a function to be called from a controller action in Architect, I would like to change the default eventOptions but it doesn't seem to take in Architect...

    The onEditNote function...
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    so I completed the CityBars example and it works great. Trying to understand more about Linked Instances and in Architect 2.x there doesn't seem a way to delete the link between the parent...
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