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  1. I got the same issue. It is unusable now after I have upgraded to 3.0.4


    I have to kill the build process and here is the problem report:

    Process: Sencha Ion [970]
    Path: ...
  2. It is an ExtJs app. It comes with Javascript error with 'google' undefined in the console. As soon as I manually include the maps.googleapis script tag in index.html, it works fine. Very strange.
  3. I am using Sencha Architect My application requires google map api. So I created a JS Resources with the following url
  4. I got the same error with simple app.json, app.js and index.html
    Sencha Cmd v4.0.1.45


    "name": "Sencha_Cmd_Test",
    "requires": [
  5. Hi,

    I have purchased a developer license while my main development machine (MBP) is sent to repair. So I have installed Sencha Architect and the license on a temporary machine. Now my MBP is...
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    I have added a Highcharts extension into Sencha Market but it is not shown up in the chart category. I put the license as 'Artistic' as there is no 'Creative Common' option. Is it because of...
  7. I dunno whether this is the correct way but this works

    listeners: {
    mousemove: function(evt, htmlEl) { = 'move';
  8. I tried to set the mouse cursor style over a text sprite

    this.nameElement = this.surface.add({
    type: 'text',
    text: name,
    id: + ',name',
  9. Actually, this fix is a lot easier than I thought.

    First for the CompositeSprite object, the usage of setAttributes method MUST contain cx and cy for the whole BBox in scaling, i.e. (This should...
  10. In ExtJs 4.1 the current CompositeSprite.setAttributes method is implemented as the following:

    setAttributes: function(attrs, redraw) {
    var i = 0,
    items = this.items,
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    Here is the link and documentation.
  12. I have included the scatter example. Have a look at the

  13. Hi all,

    I have ported the Highcharts extension to ExtJs 4. Here is the link if you are interested.

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    I have got the PDF viewer working.

    However, I have read the documentation but I do not understand how to get the load mask to work and it is not in the demo page either.

    Can someone kindly show...
  15. To plot pie chart, here is an example of pie chart config

    piechart = {
    series: [ {
    name: 'Bytes',
    type: 'pie',
    categorieField: 'section',
    dataField: 'bytes',
  16. FYI, same override is needed for Ext.ux.grid.RowActions with ExtJS 3.4.0, otherwise ColumnModel destroy error.

    Ext.override(Ext.ux.grid.RowActions, {
    destroy: Ext.emptyFn
  17. Hi all,

    I am new to Sencha Touch but familiar with ExtJS. I tried to add a SearchField with a label in the toolbar. The searchfield looks fine but the label looks strange.

    Not vertical...
  18. Here is the Gauge/Dial Chart with ExtJS Window.

    This is based on the mocked up code by the Highcharts creator. I beautified it and added dial animation.

    For details:...
  19. Here is my alternate fix and it has been working fine to me

    }else if(Ext.isWebKit){
    return function(e){
    var k = e.getKey();
    if(k ==...
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    I have just done a diff side by side. The ColorField source code is significantly different. Try to get one from and see whether that works for you.
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    Sorry, I meant I didn't change any original code in ColorField to get it working in ExtJS 3.2.

    All I did is to add some routines inside the ColorField class to get preview color column working...
  22. FYI

    I have made changes to Highcharts to support right click context menu.

    Here is a chart with ExtJS Menu.

    If you are interested, see...
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    FYI, I think there is a conflict between Ext.ux.PagingToolbar and Ext.PagingToolbar code. Even if I don't use any ux classes but include the PagingStore source in my html file, my Ext.PagingToolbar...
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    Cool extension.

    After some minor changes, I managed to get it working with the ExtJS 3.2 RowEditorGrid. One column for setting foreground, one for background and one for preview of both.

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    Cool extension.

    After some minor changes, I managed to get this working with RowEditorGrid. Two columns, one for setting foreground-color, another for setting background-color, another one to...
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