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    I would also like to point out that even if you do hook into the RowSelectionModel's "beforerowselect" event in order to prevent a row from being selected, there is still some other funky focus...
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    And I did try that well before implementing this NullSelectionModel bit. It did not yield the results I was expecting. Please give attention to this post for some background info on the problem.
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    Hey all. Please read here for some background info on why.

    A SelectionModel that selects nothing. Use the NullSelectionModel in cases
    where the behavior of a selection model is not desired....
  4. Okay I solved my own problem. I wrote up a very simple custom selection model that does not do any selection. I did try hooking into the RowSelectionModel's beforerowselect event. The row wasn't...
  5. An update - this is only happending in IE. I have a hunch that when the row becomes selected the row receives focus, thus, the dropdown lists loses focus. Can anyone confirm this?
  6. Hi All,

    I need some direction here. I have a requirement to implement a scrollable data grid/table which renders its rows on-demand when each row comes into view. Core reason is that detailed...
  7. I figured it out my issue after spending more time inspecting the RESTful Store GridPanel demo.

    The server-side needs to return a specific JSON response. Most importantly a Success property and a...
  8. More info:

    I have attempted to debug this with Firebug. Using ExtJS version 3.2.1. The function onDestroyRecords (code below) is one of the last functions called by the function. I...
  9. My situation is a tad different but yes, I remove a record and then it re-appears. Eventhough it has been deleted on server-side. Below is my store setup. No auto save. Are we missing something. Is...
  10. Hi,

    I have a GridView sized to show 10 records at a time but when I call GridView.ensureVisible(89, 0, false) the 90th record appears at the bottom of the GridView's view port. I would like to...
  11. Need your help to find out if this is a bug or a programmer issue.

    What would cause a EditorGrid to render a left position of "1.003e+8px" for its column header splits. What I am describing are...
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    Does anyone have a short example on how to fire a custom function whenever a user presses the enter key on a TextField? Or even better, when the TextField is within a EditorGrid?

    I really need a...
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