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    Awesome, that worked. Thank you very much.
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    I searched for this before posting, and while I found a few similar questions, none of them had any/satisfactory answers. So if I missed something, I apologize.

    I have two textfields, we'll...
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    I just had a similar issue. The fix was to turn off magic_quotes in php.ini. If you do this, you will no longer need the call to stripslashes().
  4. Thanks, that did it. I didn't know that was turned on by default.

    In addition, I was able to slightly tweak the PHP code and now the script works with my actual data. That magic_quotes was...
  5. It returns

  6. That's a good point, I didn't even consider that.

    I already thought of that. I tried it multiple ways, just in case:

    $test = json_decode($_REQUEST['test']);
  7. Firebug shows that it is sending:

    test ["foo","bar"]
    I also tried with $_POST, but with the same results. I suppose it's possible something is configured differently on my server from yours, but...
  8. Thank you, but that does not work.

    url: 'file.php',
    method: 'POST',
    success: successFn,
    failure: failFn,
    params: {test: Ext.encode(['foo', 'bar'])}
  9. Yes, it does work for our simple test data, but it fails if there are nested objects/arrays. I also know I could modify your function to handle this, but this is just an ugly/"hacky" solution.
  10. That's a good suggestion, and while it works great for this small test data, it's not practical for a large dataset, particularly one that is dynamically generated. I'm working with a fairly large...
  11. Talking this out gave me an idea. I tried to pass the following to the params option:

    Ext.urlEncode({test: ['foo', 'bar']})
    I was almost sure this would produce "test[]=foo&test[]=bar", but it...
  12. jQuery encodes it as such:


    Which then gets rebuilt into an array on the server side.
  13. Thank you for the reply, I appreciate your input.

    I hope your suggestions are not the only way, as that would cause a lot of extraneous code. I like to keep things neat. :)

  14. I've been away from using Ext for a few years, and started using it again with the latest version (3.3.1) for a new project, so my Ext skills and knowledge are pretty rusty.

    I'm trying to do a...
  15. *smacks forehead*

    Thanks, that fixed it. Unique IDs is lesson #1 in web programming, and I certainly know this. I was hoping my problem wasn't something stupid like that.

    Sometimes we just...
  16. I am having an odd issue with a TabPanel in Ext 3.2.

    My application is a BorderLayout with a north and center regions. To the north, I have a search form which queries my DB and displays the...
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    That's great, I love it!
  18. This has been discussed a few times before, see here:

    I also feel that this should be considered a bug, but unfortunately it is not. That thread...
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    Yes, here is a custom format method I posted as an example:
  20. I haven't yet tested any of the Inline fields with Ext 2.0. I'm glad you got it to (somewhat) work, but I would imagine there are some things that would need updated.

    After I get a chance to play...
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    Good point. ;)
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    Looks really nice, although I suggest adding some sort of link to turn off the music. Music on a web page is generally a bad idea unless it is off by default and turned on by he user.
  23. First of all, Ext forms automatically generate the HTML form tags when it is rendered, so change your HTML to just this:

    <div id="raportHD"></div>

    Next, your PHP POST vars don't match the...
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    Just paste the code into a new text file with a .js extension then source it after the Ext files. So if you name the file 'ColorField.js', the header of your page will contain something like this:
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    That 'setSize' method was actually ripped straight from Field.js from Ext 1.0. I just updated the first post with totally refactored code based off of Ext 1.1.1, so this should no longer be a...
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