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  1. Drag and drop in tree panels with invisible root

    I'm trying figure out if there's a way to configure the Ext JS Tree panel drag and drop feature to allow a tree node from a Tree Panel to be transferred to another Tree Panel that is configured with...
  2. Reload Ext.form.field.Time drop down values with new format

    I'm trying to figure out how to reload the drop down values (which would show a different time format) of the Ext.form.field.Time component. Is there a component function that needs to be called...
  3. Thread: events order

    by jojopad

    Same sentiment here (surprisingly 3 years have...

    Same sentiment here (surprisingly 3 years have passed since the original post and not a single documentation can be found). A short official documentation on this would be extremely helpful for...
  4. Here's my workaround on how to set the pageParam...

    Here's my workaround on how to set the pageParam property to undefined.

    1. Add a "beforeload" event binding to the store object.
    2. Inside the beforeload function:

    store.proxy.pageParam =...
  5. That's good to hear. Is there a tentative date...

    That's good to hear. Is there a tentative date for the 2.2 release?
  6. Localization and Config Externalization

    I'm interested to see how the following items below can be done directly with Sencha Architect:

    1. Localization
    2. Config externalization, i.e. json store url parameter (perhaps a way to access...
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