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  1. My app is a sencha touch app where there is no...

    My app is a sencha touch app where there is no Application.js, app.js is the entry point to the application. I mostly have it working now. The steps I followed were:

    Upgrade cmd only: sencha...
  2. @benjamineberle I initially tried upgrading the...

    @benjamineberle I initially tried upgrading the cmd version and the framework version at the same time but am now attempting to upgrade cmd only with the command
    sencha app upgrade --noframework. ...
  3. I have exactly the same problem: " The...

    I have exactly the same problem:
    The application was last modified by an older version of Sencha Cmd ( the current is"
  4. [INFOREQ] onBeforeStart callback not called by Ext.fx.runner.CssTransition

    Under Sencha Touch 2.2 the onBeforeStart callback is not called.

    Changing the following code on line 277 of Ext.fx.runner.CssTransition:

    if (animation.onBeforeStart) { ...
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    @cnelissen as a work-around I set the border in the initComponent() method of my Tab override

    initComponent: function () {
    this.setBorder('1 1 0 1');
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    I'm having this exact issue with applying tab...

    I'm having this exact issue with applying tab borders. Under 4.1.0 this worked fine, I was also able to override the default tab border configuration without using a custom theme simply by including...
  7. How to override theme javascript without creating a custom theme?

    I have a requirement to style tabs with borders however in the Neptune theme tab borders are turned off via a theme javascript override:

    Ext.define('', { override:...
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    Thanks for the advice Mitchell, here's the...

    Thanks for the advice Mitchell, here's the implementation on my model class that also takes care of reading any associated models when the full data is loaded:

    loadAllData: function...
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    Lazy loading model data

    I have a RESTful service that returns a list of companies where each company has a name and url property. The url is a link to a full representation of the company resource.

    I populate a companies...
  10. How to Reorder View/DataView items with Drag and Drop

    I have an Ext.view.View that creates a vertical list of items in a sidebar. I would like these items to be draggable so that the user can reorder the items in the list. Therefore the items should...
  11. Thanks Doug, that's very cool!!

    Thanks Doug, that's very cool!!
  12. @Doug, Thanks for the reply. What I'm...


    Thanks for the reply. What I'm referring to by UI is a UI component loaded by $JIT - so Ext and $JIT will be loaded at the point at which I load the module. An example of this in my...
  13. Global listeners for $JIT?

    I'd like to be able to setup global beforeload and complete listeners so that I can notify the user that the UI is loading. Is this possible?

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    In addition to the above change to the...

    In addition to the above change to the Ext.DataViewSelectionModel found I needed to modify Ext.DataView also to relay the beforeselect event:

  15. @realjax Application profiles are described here:...

    @realjax Application profiles are described here: in the introductory description of the Application class.
  16. How to use Application Profiles to provide device-specific layouts?

    I'm building a mapping application for which I'd like to support device-specific layouts. For example a list of map layers might be presented in a sidebar in a 2 column layout when running on a...
  17. The locationupdate event handler is ok as the...

    The locationupdate event handler is ok as the function is passed a reference to the GeoLocation object itself which has latitude and longitude properties. Though I agree that the name of the...
  18. Strange behavior with combos in ComponentListView

    I'm seeing some strange behavior when using combos as a component inside a ComponentListView. An additional EM element is being created inside of the combo wrapper DIV and the trigger IMG is being...
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    Debugging memory leaks

    I have a reasonably large Ext JS app that is not releasing memory when the page is unloaded. In FF 3.6 (Mac) the browser memory usage increases by approx. 35MB each time the page is reloaded. The app...
  20. Thanks Condor, that solution works well :)

    Thanks Condor, that solution works well :)
  21. Initialize components based upon record properties

    I would like to set some properties of my components, such as visibility, based upon the properties of the record the component is being rendered for. How can I do this?

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    Setting animated gif as button icon

    I have a toolbar button that I would temporarily like to swap out the icon for an animated gif loading icon while data is being requested.

    Using a gif from I've tried creating a...
  23. Hi Shea, Thanks - that works! I'm not...

    Hi Shea,

    Thanks - that works!

    I'm not familiar with Ruby - does the File.join statement concatenate an array of strings with the filesystem path separator?

  24. Problem running compass to compile custom stylesheet


    I'm trying to create a custom theme following the steps outlined in the blog entry on the Sencha site:

  25. [OPEN-695] Default Ext.Map GeoLocation object is initialized with an invalid option

    Sencha Touch Version: 1.0.1a

    When Ext.Map is configured with the useCurrentLocation option and the geo option is not specified a default Ext.util.GeoLocation is created. This is configured with...
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