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  1. How to update List itemTpl in 2.1. the same am able to do in DataView


    Please find my code to update itemTpl in List

    launch: function () {
  2. Changing Title of Tabpanel in senchatouch 1.1


    Facing probem in changing each title of tabpanel after it has been loaded in senchatouch 1.1
    i have tried with setText and setTitle .. not working as expected...
    please give me ideas...
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    How to reload the nestedlist...?

    Initially i have a nested list with some value
    Eg: TreeStore= new{ model: 'treestore',
    root:{text: 'Groceries',items: [{text: 'Drinks',items: [{text: 'Water',items: [{text:...
  4. how to add values to associated store with has many

    i have a store with model having has many like this

  5. facing issue in sencha touch1.1 for select and date picker field with phionegap

    when we use sencha touch select field and date picker field in phonegap converted native application,
    we are able to enter text in those fields ,
    eiether beside the selected thing or by using the...
  6. how to give sub items of the store to the list items

    i have my json like this

  7. thanks for your reply, yes i dont have control...

    thanks for your reply,
    yes i dont have control server side,
    the only thing i will get is that json response,
    wrapping with callback is not possible,
    so as that above post says,

    Wrap your ST...
  8. hi thanks for reply, wrapping response in a...

    hi thanks for reply,
    wrapping response in a callback function,
    is that need to be done at server side or client side,
    in my case i cant add anything to the server respone that will be json format...
  9. then what i have to do to get display those items...

    then what i have to do to get display those items properly.
  10. placing data in json formatted text file will...

    placing data in json formatted text file will become the same domain,
    that is working for me also,
    but the thing i need is cross domain,
    in my case my url is returning in json fromate like this,
  11. unable to get the cross domain json response using script tag proxy

    hi i am using script tag proxy like this,

    var loginstore = new{
  12. how to add values to store other than json and inline method

    what are other ways to add values into the store other using json or directly providing values into store,
    in my case i need update the list when i perform some event,
    for that am using store to...
  13. it is using callbackkey no? is there a way to do...

    it is using callbackkey no?
    is there a way to do without callback key,
    if possible provide one example.
  14. is it possible to use ajax request for cross domain request response

    hi all ,
    i have url which gives json response which is cross domain,
    is there any way to use ajax request to get the json response from that url,
    other than YQL.
  15. is it possible to give store name as a variable value

    hi how we can give store name as a variable value
    i have one list with one store

    fields: ['name']
    var first = new{
  16. panel layout is not changing when we add items dynamically but items are added

    hi am adding some items to panel dynamically like with some listener

    my panel is

    var formpanel = new Ext.apnel({
  17. how to add items to the checkboxgroup dynamically

    Hi i have a checkbox group like this

  18. why the startup screen is not coming when it converted to native app

    the startup screen which we specified is not coming when i conver the sencha touch app to native by using phonegap.
  19. how to add event listener for a item like select field in sencha touch

    hi all,
    i have one item like this

    items:[{ xtype: 'selectfield',
    name : 'mode',
    label: 'Sector',
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    how to give both scroll bar in sench touch

    im creating one sample page for android tablet.the same page i want to open in android phone,
    i gave scroll bar when it exceeds screen,but in sencha am able to get only one scroll bar at a time....
  21. The Problem is coming only when i use carousel...

    The Problem is coming only when i use carousel and textfield in the same panel ,
    and that too when i convert that app to Androia native app by using phonegap only am getting,
    other than that simple...
  22. textfield is displaying on the top of the panel when am using carousel in that panel

    Hi all,
    My problem is when started entering text in textfield of android apk in phone the textfield is hiding with virtual keyboard of phone and am getting the same temporary text box at the top of...
  23. setting back ground image for panel in sencha touch

    how to set an image as back ground for panel.
    and it should change its size according to the screen size.
  24. no its not working for me...,the response will be...

    no its not working for me...,the response will be in this format[CODE] 0 634578184406079005 [CODE]
  25. how to handle if the web service response is in XML format in cross domain

    have one web service which returning XML as response,what i have to use to handle that unable to access withJSONP,AJAX requests.i tried with XML reader like thisExt.regModel('User', { ...
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