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  1. I am using version 4.1.1a

    I am using version 4.1.1a
  2. Does anyone knwo if it is possible to add a combobox, to the cellcontextmenu?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to add a a combo box as a selection within a cellcontextmenu?
  3. grouping grid, itemcontextmenu error: is null

    I have a tab panel with grids as content. Each grid has an itemcontextmenu, with actions for items within the grid rows. Some of the grids have content that is grouped, and when I open a tab with a...
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    Not able to get MultiSelect example ported over by Loiane working

    First I would like to say thank you so much for taking time to do this. Your examples for MVC were the first I was really able to understand when I was a newbie and now I feel much more confident...
  5. [SOLVED] I found the answer myself. I am posting here for others to see

    my Ajax call response I populated into a varialbe called: returnedTablesData.

    in my 'else' statement I just used a for loop and posted each value first by calling store.getAt(i) and moving through...
  6. [SOLVED] extjs4, combobox, multiselect, need to set VALUE for ALL returned from DB

    Using EXTJS v4, I want to update the VALUE field of a multi-select combobox i have, with ALL the records returned from my remote query. In my case I want to update the multiselect 'value' field not...
  7. Vertical TabPanel for EXTJS4

    Here is a link to the code working for EXTJS4:
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    I am having the same issue with the cellEditing...

    I am having the same issue with the cellEditing plugin in use with a grid in a tabpanel. I eventually had to scrap using the cell Editor, but would like to continue to use it if I can get it to work....
  9. AS far as I know I am not using 'id'. Here is...

    AS far as I know I am not using 'id'.

    Here is my code:

    enabled: true
  10. Need to load new instance of store for each form-grid item click...

    I am using the example code from the form-grid under examples/form/form-grid.js to add to an application I am creating. The application I am creating is a tabpanel, and in the first tab is a grid. I...
  11. I have same problem on Windows 7 x64 system. I...

    I have same problem on Windows 7 x64 system. I enter command, it look like it is creating new file, then I see the command prompt again. When I look I see no output
  12. Very frustrating... 2.0.0 Beta SDK runs, but no output created

    I am running on a Windows 7, x64 system. I first had an issue with the install as I let the installer install the 2.0.0 Beta SDK to my Program Files(x86) folder. I kept getting the error: 'bin is...
  13. What happened? - now that i uploaded the code does no one have an answer?

    Please respond
  14. Need example of how to use this plugin

    This looks like it might be a very useful plugin, if I knew how to include it and call it in my code, to hide certain fields I have that are empty in my grid. Please provide an example use case of...
  15. Ext version is 4.0.7 Here is my code: ...

    Ext version is 4.0.7

    Here is my code:

    Ext.onReady(function() {

    Ext.define('TableListModel', {
    extend: '',
    fields: ['tbllID', 'tbllTABLENAME']
  16. Grid in tabpanel has cellEdit plugin, causes 'event is undefined' when close new tab

    I have a grid in a tabpanel. I click a row in the grid and a new tab opens with details for the clicked item. The newly created tabs also have grids in them, with the cellEditing plugin. The details...
  17. still getting error - 'event is undefined' on closing new tab created in tabpanle

    I am running the debug version of extjs4 and I close a newly created tab and I get the error: 'event is undefined' from line 13367 of extjs-all-debug.js.

    How am I to determine what the event is...
  18. Problem with tabpanel - close tab causes 'event is undefined' error - plus more

    I have a test platform built on the EXTJS 4.0.7 platform, that is a scaled down version of a larger application I am creating. I have a few issues with this setup and I was hoping someone could help...
  19. [New] MVC-like back end with CRUD demo, using derived EXTJS4 writer.js

    I have been searching for some time now to find a MVC CRUD demo, or at least something that came close to conventional CRUD that would work with a real database backend such as MySQL or Oracle with...
  20. I am confused with the SESSION creation and would like to see an example

    I would like to see an example of using a MySQL database even to get an idea where to begin.
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    Has anyone been able to do this for EXTJS 4.0? I need to use writer.js to MySQL

    Has anyone been able to successfully write back-end code for the new version of EXTJS 4 and for the writer.js example? I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to convert the code that writes...
  22. Using the writer.js - how to save to Oracle DB using PHP, instead of to SESSION

    I am looking into using the EXTJS 4 writer.js example concept to create an application, but I need to be able to perform all my CRUD operations to a real Oracle database instead of to a SESSION. I am...
  23. I was also thinking that maybe the query was...

    I was also thinking that maybe the query was being saved and re-posted each time I call, since for each new opened tab I am seeing data from the previous post.
  24. How might I determine which class is being shared...

    How might I determine which class is being shared and/or what content might be shared?
  25. click on item grid, open in first tab, click on grid again, same content loads in new

    Using EXTJS 4.0.2, I have a grid in a tabpanel configuration. First tab of the tabpanel (tab1) has a grid with a list of records loaded into it. This configuration needs to be set up so that if I...
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