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  1. Hey,

    I have some difficulties with native Android packaging using SenchaSDK.

    1. I can't block orientation change, despite the fact that I listed only "landscapeLeft" orientation in my...
  2. I have similar problem. I put icon.png in my webApp directory, tried different sizes 48x48, 72x72, 96x96. Also tried different icon images.
    I'm using newest Sencha SDK.
    Any thoughts?
  3. From my observation: it's connected to the fact, that form fields are not wrapped with form tag and actually I don't know if this is desired or not :)
    If you are looking for some solution check this...
  4. If I pass cls outside config it doesn't affect panel classes at all - that was the way I did it using PR2. Main concept here is to define a clickable component with tap handling (in pasted example...
  5. Info:

    Version: Sencha Touch 2 PR3

    Browser: Chrome (but same on ipad and ipod)

    Description: I tried to add some items to carousel. Each item is created by Ext.create function as...
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    I've found a way to perform submit on press "return", probably not the best, but works. I managed to wrap field with form tag. To do this I'm extending Ext.form.Panel with method:

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    On iPhone/iPod there's bit different situation, because you have "Done" button displayed and it's something like "hide" button (bottom right corner, keyboard icon) on iPad. For more details about...
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    I noticed that on PR2 when I focus field and click "return" button on screen keyboard it doesn't perform blur on this field, so I have to click hide keyboard button. I tested it using sencha...
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    Is there public ST2 changelog provided? I would like to stay up to date with all new , cool features implemented in PR2 and upcoming releases.


    EDIT: Ohh... Release notes are...
  10. Thank you guys for your answers.

    In fact my problem was connected to unnecessary reflow, but I was distracted by small test I performed: I looped addCls and removeCls on the same component on...
  11. Hey,

    I noticed that execution of addCls and removeCls on component is much slower on Sencha Touch 2.0 than 1.1. Everything would be ok, but on iPad 1st gen (and everything slower) it's affecting...
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