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  1. Help the needy! Disqus in Sencha

    Can somebody on this forum please have the kindness of heart to help with this particular problem.
    Before offering solutions please test or if posible have experienced the problem.

    if I could I...
  2. Hi Shepsii Thanks I have tried that as well,...

    Hi Shepsii

    Thanks I have tried that as well, the Disqus code comes in three parts and requires all the parts.

    I am sure it is something trivial I am missing.
  3. Disqus in Sencha

    Can anyone in the forum please provide some help? I have tried a number of solutions none are yet to work. My javascript debugging skills are very limited.

  4. Tried escaping quotes but still doesnt seems to...

    Tried escaping quotes but still doesnt seems to be working.

    <div id="disqus_thread"></div> <script type="text/javascript"> var disqus_shortname = \'myafricancanvas\'; (function() { var dsq =...
  5. Disqus installation

    Thanks Mitchel

    Here comes a silly question, not quite sure what you mean "escape the quotes" can you pls give an example with the html I provided.

    Promise to add the whole solution for others...
  6. installing Disqus comments in Sencha Touch /Architect

    Hi Please I am hoping the sencha guru's can help me with the following problem. I am trying to install disqus comments using its universal javascript code. I am trying to place the script inside the...
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    [INFOREQ] 3rd party packaging I'm prepared to do for native...

    3rd party packaging I'm prepared to do for native apps. What about web apps, this project Im working on at the moment is a web app.

    Is it atleast possible to change the color of the white screen?...
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    [INFOREQ] startupimage fix needed asap!

    I am having the same problems of white screen before it loads. Come on ST2 team PLEASE see to this fix asap. Spent the last day looking for solutions cant show my client and our rent depends on it. ...
  9. How to add additional info to app.html in architect

    Hi I am trying to create a web app, but cant get my head around how to add additional info to the head section without SA removing it when saving?

    I would like to add
    <meta name="viewport"...
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