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    Change viewport to panel/container

    I try different things, but I can not change viewport to panel/container. It is necessary to use this in DIV. As everybody know, viewport does not allow the placement in DIV. This souliton is needed...
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    Data grid panel - loadMask text

    I need to change loading box message.
    I found a lot examples with loadMask, but in my case every failed.

    It is extended version from get started.
    Even set false to loadMask doesn't work -...
  3. Thank you for answer. Your proposed solution...

    Thank you for answer.
    Your proposed solution required defined items earlier.
    I want to use buttons in toolbar to change view between few data grids with different, big amount data.
  4. Toolbar button dynamic load diffrent content (view, panel, etc.)

    I have panel with toolbar. I need prepare few different datagrid, which are switched after button in toolbar click.
    Something like tabs, but with toolbar. The best way for me, will be...
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