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  1. As a follow up, it seems that my previous suggestion is only working when on development mode.

    To get this working on production I used a different approach, inspired on Ext JS 6.x's toolkit...
  2. You can configure anything you'd configure on app.json inside a build profile, you can also add your own properties and read them programmatically with Ext.manifest.yourProperty.

    For example:

  3. Could you check the console for any errors using Safari in remote debug mode?
  4. The current way to do this would be to specify different build profiles (e.g.: blueapp, greenapp) each with a different theme (my-theme-blue, my-theme-green). Both themes can extend a common theme...
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    That's correct, just move the generated components to the appropriate toolkit according to your needs.
  6. You should be able to still use it as it is a build environment, but if you want to transition, you can follow our cordova/phonegap guide:
  7. Because it is deprecated in favor of using cordova/phonegap.
  8. What happens if you escape the backslashes? Are they kept as such or they appear as a single backslash in the optimized result?
  9. We have some plans to have this sort of "global directory" of packages, but so far there's nothing there. Right now the way to do it is to host your own repo and have your users add it by URL (see...
  10. Unfortunately, that's not how build profiles work. If you check the kitchen sink example, we achieve that effect by loading the right sources, but they're indeed concatenated. This helps preventing...
  11. Thanks for sharing these updates, they will certainly be helpful for other members of the community!
  12. The ~/cmd mapping allows the compiler to access resources inside your installation dir via http and Cmd 6.x requires that server to be initialized during compile time, so by the end of the...
  13. You may want to perform a real upgrade: "sencha app upgrade /path/to/ext-"
  14. You should let the company know that the best way to do this is to provide a Sencha Cmd repository you can add, otherwise the purpose of signing the packages is defeated.

    A pkg is a zip with extra...
  15. Alexandre,

    This is a known issue with the beta. The bug id is: SDKTOOLS-1097
  16. @takamlacher the actual solution is to upgrade to Sencha Cmd 5.1.3, no need to have an additional workaround.
  17. Sencha Cmd 5.1.3 is out now and this issue is fixed there, so you don't need a workaround anymore.
  18. As pointed by @geek0r, this has been already fixed on the nightly builds, the fix will be publicly available with the next release.
  19. Dag! Perhaps this had to do with the recent changes in our website? Could you check now?
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    Hmm that's rather odd, this is a very unexpected error that means the algorithm used to sign/verify signed packages is not available in the system. Is this an Oracle JDK or Open JDK? If Oracle JDK,...
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    Are you using a JDK or a JRE? Could you try updating your java version to the latest update?
  22. You can remove it directly from app.json, if it comes back you may want to check the auto-generated app.json.meta file. (I'd also recommend to remove that Generated/Custom code on sencha.cfg that...
  23. I'd suggest you to do so, only don't forget to also include it in the resources block so it gets copied to the build output.
  24. This code is not part of the framework, is this part of your code or any other externa dependency? If from an external dependency, you may want to set is a remote and have Sencha Cmd copy the file to...
  25. In this case, the best alternative is to configure your app.js with "update": "full" in app.json, so no delta update mechanism is involved.
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