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  1. Printing BASE64 data from a modern app (phone/tablet)

    I am using EXTJS 6.02
    I have a web app that needs to print a document (can be PDF, DOCX, XLSX, TEXT, or HTML) . I have tried :

    frame = Ext.getBody().appendChild({
    id: 'printerContent',
  2. Resolved

    Solved. Turned out to be a combination of a mime setting on the server, and allowing OPTIONS
  3. Ext Direct remote connection .NET API Call errors out

    I have Sencha application using Ext Direct and connecting to a .NET application. It works fine locally
    and makes all the direct calls without a problem. But when I try to connect to a remote server...
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    Need example of EXT JS calling calling C# .NET

    Thanks for the post, but I need an example where EXT Direct is used to call a web API in .NET
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    EXT Direct .NET C# example

    Can anyone direct me to an example of using EXT Direct with C# .NET for a WEB API 2?
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