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  1. Hi Glen,

    Thanks for the report. It is pretty tricky to intelligently edit commented JSON but I opened a ticket to track it. Also thanks for checking out the Sencha Test Beta!
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    Thanks for looking into Sencha Test Beta. I will forward this along to our tech writers but that one is definitely near the front of the queue.
  3. One thing we found internally is our JSON parser rejects this:

    "ignore": [

    Because of the invalid escape character. It was generated by an older version of...
  4. Indeed this is a fully support configuration. When you define the test project, you supply the URL where the "test subject" is located. Browsers are not pointed directly at this URL but instead at an...
  5. Sure - you can write the tests in any editor. The only difficulty is creating the project definition files. Do you have access to a Mac or Windows machine for a one-time setup? On the good news side,...
  6. @dmoore1 - have you posted a test case for the autoSize failure you are mentioning there as well?
  7. Can you post the app.json file for the app?
  8. We've posted a simple app and a workspace with multiple apps on GitHub. You can clone that repo and try Sencha Test without having to first generate a starting point.

  9. Thanks for checking back in. Have you tried installing Cmd 6 and opening your existing Sencha Touch application? Or generate the app from the command line and open that? Still a bug but curious if we...
  10. We do use webdriver to launch browsers. We use the term "browser farm" to describe an account with Sauce Labs or other provide or a Generic WebDriver connection. The list of specific browsers we call...
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    Thanks for trying Sencha Test!
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    Glad you found it. For the curious, the and other actions need to be inside the functions you pass to the Jasmine "it()" method. These are the "specs" (specifications) or "tests".
  13. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
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    We'll look into Cmd 5 issues after the beta release rolls out here shortly. Cannot say for sure about GA since that will depend on what we find there. You can disable Cmd integration which will...
  15. What kind of features are you looking for in this area? Sencha Test does support running against an application that you have hosted at any given URL but it cannot help you getting the application...
  16. We will not have explicit support for Cordova wrapped apps in 1.0 GA but we'll look at it in future releases as well as electron and nwjs wrappers. I'm not saying you couldn't get it to work, just...
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    I've moved this to the Bugs forum so that I can link it to a ticket to be worked. We do need some Touch examples! Thanks for the report!
  18. You should be able to use Open Workspace to just open an existing Sencha Cmd application (since they are also workspaces), but I will check this scenario out along with the other you reported.
  19. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
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    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for trying out Sencha Test.

    I have seen several issues reported against Cmd 5.x. We didn't get any Cmd 5 testing in before the EA was rolled.

    Can you try Cmd 6? It supports...
  21. Similar in a few ways but also many differences.

    We will provide a more detailed comparison as we approach GA but the blog post covers a lot of the fundamentals and if you are familiar with Siesta...
  22. Maybe something is up in the requires of that package's package.json file. Can you post it here? (in a code block for readability)
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    Assuming you are using Cmd 6 the only thing I can imagine is wrong is the PATH. If you are using Cmd 5, can you try with Cmd 6?

    The story of PATH on Mac OS X is long and complex and is likely to...
  24. We have seen problems with interop and Cmd 5 - can you try with Cmd 6? You should be fine using that version of Ext JS if that is what you need to use. Cmd 6 is compatible with the same frameworks as...
  25. @incutonez - can you post any log messages or a screenshot of what you are seeing?
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