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  1. Recently updated from ext-3.0-rc2 to 3.0.0, since the update any panel i add using object.add(panel.object) , the panel does the collapse animation and hides the panel but resizes the hidden panel...
  2. Cant find the link so here is a zip
  3. The Above code is all correct .... only thing is i was using Xtype to add my field which dosent seem to initialise the object properly or somthing ... as soon as i go new
    Ext.form.tcField All Good.
  4. HI All

    I have created a custom Timecode field for use with a video application i am writing. It is a simple extension of a textField with custom validation. My problem is that this field is...
  5. This problem is not isolated to the tabpanel. It occurs on any panel that has a title bar renderd with collapsible false in mini mode .
  6. I have a viewport with N,S,E and W regions defined. I am using the collapseMode : 'mini' option with collapsible : false. In the E region i have a tabs panel. When i click on the mini collapse...
  7. Hi condor..

    Yip .... I am clueless .... i have no idea how this stuff works ..this is why i was doing it....

    Thanks .... its working and ...
    I now understand :)
  8. Still not there yet ....

    this is my css

    .ico-list_properties {
  9. I think i am out of my depth here ....

    I tried the above no-go ... so

    I firebuged the menu item ..
    looks as though on over the class is changed from x-menu-list-item to x-menu-list-item-active...
  10. I dont have a clue what you are asking, sorry ....

    the code i am playing with is part of a menu see below

  11. Hi all

    I am trying to get my context menus to use an iconCls which should then change the image to the overCls on rollover but my problem is when i mess with the overCls i seem to be able to...
  12. Add style:"overflow-x:hidden",
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    That works great ... still having some small hiccups but i am sure it is some thing in my code..
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    Cool I will give the mod a try later today and let u know.
  15. Solved

    Ext set z depth to 11000 by default on floating panels
  16. I have a buch of panels set to floating, when i add a modal window the floating panels appear above the modal window. How can i force modal windows to always be on top?
  17. I Am LOST.

    I am trying to raise an ondrop event when i drag an item from my clip board grid to my panel. I am able to DD onto another grid no problem. I Dont get any erros in FB. .. but i also...
  18. Hi all

    I am trying to make a pannel which has different coloured divs in it. I want to be able to resize the divs and re position them BUT constraind with in my parent pannel.

    here is what i...
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    Found a small funny .....

    I downloaded v1.0a and placed it into Ext 2.2. When viewing the example I found that all the Dockable tabs do not become active if you click on the text portion of the...
  20. Hey Animal ... stuck it in ... no change ... unless i leave the bufferResize stuff in it renders wierd.
  21. This is the Ext object i use ( Using that eval method you showed me ). The form elements are generated on the fly. It seems to be much better since i put the bufferResize stuff in. As soon as i...
  22. I can only asume that this problem is unique to me. I think I found a work round by adding bufferResize:true to all the forms on my popup window and this fixes it most of the time. But I think there...
  23. Hi Anybody.

    I am having a problem with rendering forms. Every time i load a form the form elements render differently (They are screwed up 4 out of 5 times i load the page). I get text boxes...
  24. I seem to have it working ok outside the context of my main code... must be doing somthing wrong organizer.html
  25. I am having problems with the window component and/or tabpannel (I think).

    I Have A window > Tabpanel > with 2 panels, tree in west region and dataview in center.

    It seems to render perfectly...
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