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  1. Ext 4.x also force focus on onMouseDown, but the focus manager code was not there.

    onMouseDown: function(e) {
    var me = this;

    if (Ext.isIE || e.pointerType === 'touch') {
    // In IE...
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    Good that you found it, but the signature might have changed.

    cellclick( this, td, cellIndex, record, tr, rowIndex, e, eOpts )
  3. We have a grid that would throw a unspecified JavaScript error in IE only. This was fixed sometime in 4.0.5 or so by adding the try/catch block in the following code for the getXY function. In 4.1...
  4. I just downloaded 4.1 Beta2, it shows up now.
  5. I ran it from a web server and it is still blank.
  6. The ItemSelector example that came with the 4.1 Beta downlowd shows a blank widget when I deployed. Code is in /examples/multiselect/multiselect-demo.html, multiselect-demo.js. I see a blank panel...
  7. Can you provide a ticket# for this issue so we can track its progress?
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    In ext 3.3.1 EditorGridPanel, you can listen to a cellclick event as follows:

    cellclick : ( Grid this, Number rowIndex, Number columnIndex, Ext.EventObject e )Fires when a cell is clicked. The...
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