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  1. I found a potential work around, it's a bit hacky.

    Ext.override(Ext.tree.View, {
    collapse : function (record, deep, callback, scope) {
  2. Modus Create is pleased to release its first public node.js module, Touch Node. We took Sencha Touch 2 and stripped out all the DOM-related functionality. This leaves us with the Class System,...
  3. Here's a workaround:

    Ext.event.publisher.TouchGesture (src/event/publisher/TouchGesture.js)

    and remove/comment out the following block of code (lines 474-483):

    else if...
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    I hope you saw the blog post announcement from Sencha, if you haven't check it out here:

    There's a nice little treat for all...
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    We have just unveiled our first batch of sponsors. They include Sencha, BlackBerry, GitHub, JetBrains, Bryntum, and more!
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    Got an update for you about ModUX.

    We officially announced our Bootcamp, hosted by Blackberry. At the bootcamp you will get an intro to Sencha Touch, the BlackBerry 10 OS, and most importantly...
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    Hey guys,

    Most of the sessions and speakers have been posted, so head on over to the ModUX Conference site (

    Just to name a few there will be talks on Sencha Space, Web RTC,...
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    At SenchaCon 2013 I unveiled TouchDJ during the DJing with Sencha Touch talk. Recently we open sourced it and got a demo up for everyone to play around with.


    Here are the goodies:
  9. REQUIRED INFORMATIONSencha Touch version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.2
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 26/LIST]Description:
    When using an Ext.draw.Surface instance to add...
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    Hey all,

    Today DZone published their latest Ref Card on Sencha Touch. The card serves as a quick reference guide for both experienced and beginning Sencha Touch developers. The refcard was written...
  11. Generally I use the online variant ( However, there comes a point where I'm on a train or somewhere without connectivity and have an epiphany when I realize I have offline docs...
  12. You actually log in with your Blizzard BattleTag not your login/password.

    BattleTags are in the format of name ####

    You can find it in game by hitting the "O" button or viewing a...
  13. Here it is using the iOS simulator
  14. Sencha Touch version tested:


    Platform tested against:

    iOS 5
    Google Chrome

  15. Android 2.2+ supports File Upload

    Just change the inputType property to "file" and it will show the file upload dialog.
    It's currently deprecated so I guess it's better to roll your own...
  16. Just an FYI: This is a dupe of TOUCH-980
    I posted this a little while ago:
  17. By fixed they mean it will/should be in the next release (PR3)

    A work around (untested) is to populate the store using an Ext.request and set the store's data. Then after that you would render the...
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    SOAP in Javascript is difficult and highly unrecommended. (SOAP itself is unrecommended for anything if you ask me)

    When I had to call a SOAP service from ST I made myself a server-side "RESTful...
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    If you only have two items there, you do not need a vbox layout. I'm also not sure what the animation is for.
  20. Yup, if you see my other post I show how to set up a listener on scrolling with the ball since you can't touch and scroll on some BB OS6 devices. (make sure to check comments, some have their own...
  21. Sorry for self-plug but see my blogpost. This was for ST1.1, I haven't tried it on ST2
  22. Well I'm assuming you're using something like PhoneGap to wrap the application.

    Then you do this:
  23. Unfortunately this requires an AJAX proxy. If I give a public link that shows the error would that help?
  24. I actually had something similar. Not that they wouldnt display, but they wouldn't have a "white" background where the actual input was. Labels rendered fine, but the actual input didn't have it's...
  25. REQUIRED INFORMATION Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.0 rev PR2

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 15
    Safari 5

    DOCTYPE tested against:
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