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    Aggregate Row in GXT 3 Grid

    Hi Sencha team,

    I have a question about the Grid. I'd like to include a summerized row in a basic grid using UI binder. I have no problem to do this.
    However the problem is: How to add this...
  2. Problem with legend


    I am trying to build a pie chart and I am getting some problems to customize the legend:

    1 - Change the box size of legend - I only could change the chart size, but I would like to...
  3. is it possible to maximize the browser window without JSNI?

    I'm using this function to maximize the window:

    * Resize the principal window
    public static native void resizeWindow() /*-{
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    Problem with syncronism

    I'm having problems with synchronism in my aplication. Only one window can be exist, if any user try to access the same page in other window the system should close this window, restore the first...
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