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  1. [INFOREQ] It's all here..

    It's all here.. main solution thus far (if you are using the all.js like us):...
  2. Nope

    I was actually hardcore and edited the all.js direct.. I just found where the big Ext.device.* block started and ended and removed it.

    I didn't trust myself to re-minify their all-debug.js.
  3. Not debug..

    I actually don't have an edited debug-all, I edited my non-debug .js.. here it is anyway; it has all Ext.device.* blocks removed.40197
  4. But..

    But you don't have to remove any code if you aren't using the 'all'.js file.
  5. Removal

    Yes, you are removing a *lot* of code. You don't need to comment it out, you can just delete all of it. It's many hundreds of lines of code, but the good thing is that it is all 1 big block.
  6. Hehe

    What is 'lib/sencha-touch-bebug.js'? =P
  7. Unfortunately

    Yes, this is what I'm saying. :( This has worked for several people, and many others have already tracked it down to Ext.device.* references causing the break.

    It doesn't take that long to remove...
  8. Correct

    tobia.zorzan, you are correct: it is the Ext.device.* references in the sencha*all.js for ST2.1 that breaks compatibility with PhoneGap.

    Some of us have removed all such references, and then...
  9. [INFOREQ] Then..

    ..this problem does not apply to you. It is a problem that occurs if and only if you load sencha-touch-all.js, and phonegap.js.
  10. Replies

    [FIXED] Aware of it..

    Aware of it, but I have yet to see any official feedback which recognizes the incompatibility between sencha-touch-all.js and PhoneGap library include.

    Is there a plan to give official feedback in...
  11. [INFOREQ] Doesn't apply to me

    I use ST2.1, Sencha Architect, and PhoneGap Build. I'm afraid that post is very unrelated to my workflow.
  12. We have..

    We have bascially figured it out. It's about the new Ext.device.* references in sencha-touch-all.js. It works like a charm if you take them out.

    Come take a look at the latest posts in the thread...
  13. [INFOREQ] Yes..

    It would appear so. Removing Ext.device.* delarations from sencha-touch-all.js fixed absolutely all problems for me. I urge everyone to try it out, or perhaps for someone to work on a solution that...
  14. [INFOREQ] Wow..

    2.1 really does have some problems.. :(

    Is there no way to simply wait for PhoneGap to finish loading until we load the ST/app .js files? That is really the solution I would like to see most...
  15. [INFOREQ] I have it

    I was already able to make a working sencha-touch-all.js, thanks :) I removed all Ext.device.* references, as well as fixing the 'buttons' typo. Now PhoneGap Build no longer creates a broken app.
  16. [INFOREQ] One more question..

    One more question: for your approach, did you cut and paste all Ext.device.* related code into a separate .js file?

    What exactly do you mean by 'dynamic loading scheme'? You added it to 'requires'...
  17. [INFOREQ] Questions

    Wow, so does this mean that ST2.1 fundamentally breaks easy integration with PhoneGap (Build)?

    Two questions for you:

    I found the 'butons' typo, but what line exactly are you referring to...
  18. [INFOREQ] Interesting

    A lot of people (myself included) are having the PhoneGap Build + ST2.1 = white screen broken app problem.

    In fact, there is a large discussion about it here:...
  19. Related

    Oh look something similar (but also unresolved) involving ST2.1 and PhoneGap = White Broken App:
  20. More advanced tests

    I have dived into using the all-powerful PGB 'Debug' tool. Basically it allows you to create a Debug build, and then you use their online debugging tool to see the console/elements/etc. in real time,...
  21. PGB Version

    As for the PG version I use in their Build service - I don't specify the version, so PGB automatically provides me with the latest version that PGB supports. The 'phonegap.js' file they automatically...
  22. My test

    I did my test; with Sencha Architect I created brand new ST2.0 and ST2.1 projects. They contained just a 'hello world' label in their default views.

    In both of their automatically generated...
  23. Why are titles necessary..

    Well so far you seem to be the first person saying that you get a 'blank' app even after removing the phonegap reference - this, to me, seems like a different problem; although perhaps still related...
  24. Well then

    I don't think you have the same problem as outlined by this thread, then. This thread is about PhoneGap Build producing a broken app *after* ST2.1 update, and *only* if phonegap.js is included in...
  25. What do I have to do.. get a Sencha representative give us feedback and stop moving my threads from the Bugs section around here?
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