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  1. I am hearing rumours about beer . Are we gooing to have a beer event in London? hmm. uh.... I just had a Flashback to Split last year with @bryntum and @ExtAnimal running around with towels on...
  2. I'll be there! sourcedevcon was great last year! I hope this year will be even more awesome :)
  3. There is a signup link in the bottom of that page. Manning will keep you updated with news about the book there. :)
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    Has anyone done a package tool specific to ExtJS?

    I am thinking something in lines of

    gem for ruby
    npm for nodejs
    pear for php

    It could be great with a easy commandline tool to search and...
  5. Writing large scale applications is a challenge. Porting an existing application can be an even greater challenge ;)

    Generally, I don't like the idea of generating code in one language from...
  6. Hi guys

    Do you have any thoughts on how to share code between a sencha touch and a ExtJS 4 project? What's the best approach?
  7. Oops. nevermind. I see that it is fixed in 4.0.2a. Sorry about that.
  8. Hi guys .

    I am trying out the example in the documentation. It looks like it drops the title in the first column. Do we have a bug here?

    Ext.onReady(function() {
  9. uh? ExtJS? beer ? I am there!

    I hope to have time for the unplugged day :=)
  10. Hi Madk. Great idea! I will look into this :)
  11. You probably want to create a json store and hook this to a EditorGridPanel.

    For your php datamodel you should choose a good php oprm framework like Symfony and make this export json somehow....
  12. I updated some stuff and push to github (I managed to forget to used EditorGridPanel.. so I could not edit). It looks like I want to use something else than singleselect for the SelectionModel.
  13. It works now in xds- . I can load data from localhost:8080 now

    It might have been a local glitch here.
  14. Hi folks

    I put together a small demo project to try out the Ext Designer here :

    It is a basic Ext.grid.GridPanel connecting to google app engine using...
  15. it looks like that when I type

    http://localhost:8080/ as URL Prefix under project settings

    and enter the relative url for my datastore "getbeers" method, then the port 8080 is discarded when...
  16. Allthough it could seem like a odd thing to do I wanted to try to delete all columns in a grid.

    It gave the following error:

    An Error has occurred on line 32 in ext-complete.js:
  17. Impressive B)
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    I have been looking for something like this. Thank youB)
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