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  1. After a deeper review of what as happening when I switched cards here, and the comment regarding how what I posted should work fine, I've resolved my issue.

    What I posted was working fine, when I...
  2. Hmm, thanks for reviewing what I have.

    What can prevent this, or cause this kind of issue? Is it kind of an "order of operations" issue, and depending on when I call my MAINPANEL.doLayout() things...
  3. I have a card layout with two cards, 'welcomescreen' and 'apppanel'. Welcomescreen has a continue button in a toolbar that when clicked should display apppanel. It does switch cards, but apppanel...
  4. I've seen the store.on load listener placed in app.js and also in your controller. I tried both, and it works well in my browser, but still doesn't work in the iOS simulator.

    In my store, for the...
  5. If I'm developing a MVC application, where should the store.on('load' listener be placed?

    In the store itself in the stores/stores.js file? Or do you listen for the load to complete elsewhere?
  6. It appears to me that I do

  7. It's not set, so it's false by default.
  8. If I try to check if my store has loaded using the following code

    var storeXML = FirstApp.stores.stores;

    I have success in Safari, but it...
  9. I'm having an issue where I load data from an XML file to dynamically populate a carousel (and a list and a form).

    I've looked at the carousel2 example in the docs...
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    To clarify, if I just give it a string, it will blow away any formatting I had AND update the HTML?

    Looks like I need to set up my dockedItem with a template to retain my formatting AND update the...
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    If it blows everything away, and I replace it with the same formatting HTML/tags, how come it doesn't retain being stretched across the bottom of my panel?

    Changing my update code to:

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    I'm having a problem with doing an ext.component.update. I'd like to be able to select something from a list in my rightToolbar, and have the HTML text in the dockedItems in my appPanel be updated.
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