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  1. Hi Algiano,

    I think a workaround is to pass the class of your proxy in the constructor of the reader and consider all beans are of the same type. In my case I considered this an appropriate...
  2. Hi,

    I've an Async TreeGrid that uses an RPC proxy to load data from server. I want to reload a node by using:

    Then, I want the loaded tree node to...
  3. I'll reply here to the initial post so it doesn't mislead other people here into thinking that GXT doesn't have potential.

    It is as some users pointed out in the other threads. For any gain, there...
  4. Thank you for helping me understand your motivation. It makes sense! I also feel this is the best option at the moment instead of going back to RPC and then, in a few months time, having to upgrade...
  5. Sure, thank you!
  6. Thank you! You wrote a very comprehensive reply.

    I'll try to understand all you said, and I'll come with feedback later if anything's unclear.

    I appreciate it very much! Have a great day!
  7. Giving it a another thought, I don't know if it makes sense to go down this "reinvent the wheel" road.

    I've talked with @Stigrv in this thread and while he said he upgraded to RequestFactory I...
  8. I think all this is going down the "reinvent the wheel" road because GXT 3.0 will include full RequestFactory support.

    @Stigrv, you said you converted your development webapplication from using...
  9. Hello Colin,

    Thank you for taking the time and reply on my issue. I appreciate it.

    Until now I've tried to extend BeanModelGenerator with a custom generator that generates an implementation of...
  10. No ideas? Anyone?
  11. Any ideas?
  12. I'm trying to use TreeLoader and TreeBeanModelReader to directly map the returned beans from server. This is the code:

    TreeBeanModelReader tbmr = new TreeBeanModelReader();...
  13. Today, I've tried a new thing that would make it much easier to map the server beans directly to GXT components like the TreePanel. I'm trying to use TreeLoader and TreeBeanModelReader to directly...
  14. It really works! I'm very happy. Thank you a lot! I hope you have great success in what you do! You helped me so much with this!
  15. I'll try that, I appreciate your help with this!
  16. All examples that I found seem to use RPC with BeanModelTag. I don't have a clear idea how to integrate RequestFactory with this. How did you make it work with RequestFactory?

    Thank you!
  17. This is the code:
  18. Yes, just a few moments to extract it. Thank you!
  19. I've tried to make one of my proxies, interface CityProxy extends ValueProxy, ModelData so that the generator will automatically generate a ModelData implementing wrapper for it. Not sure this is the...
  20. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing this. I've been looking for a way to use ExtGWT with GWT 2.1.1 RequestFactory as well, but I couldn't find any infos about this on forums, etc. I'm glad I've found your...
  21. This is JUST UNFAIR!! I hope ExtGWT Sencha team has a way to make users like me feel better about ever thinking to include ExtGWT in their next big project.

    Some time ago, I've asked on this forum...
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    I've tested the GWTDesigner and it works seamlessly with ExtGWT. This brings a great advantage towards ExtGWT. Thank you for all your advices!
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    Thank you for replying.

    You are right - I'll do some tests myself but I just wanted to learn beforehand from other's experience so I don't make the choice without being informed. I was hoping...
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    Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it!

    Although it could be subjective as you said, I think you've hit very strong points in favor of GWT like the debugging, tools and refactoring. You were...
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    1. When starting a new application, what are the things that you weight out in order to decide whether to go with ExtGWT or ExtJS?
    2. For a programmer that knows both Javascript and Java,...
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