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  1. gotcha!
    the truth is out there

    nodebeforeexpand: function (node, operation, eOpts) {
    if(node.childNodes.length == 0){
    node.phantom = false;
  2. confirm issue with loading data by ajax. I'm also use beforeload event for configure request options, but currently I have no idea how to force this event firing, on child node expand. Any help would...
  3. checkout options for submit allow you to describe your callbacks
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    My solution seems to works. I manually detecting the max for data range and set chart config like this, so if majorTickSteps exactly equal to maximum property for small ranges the decimals is gone
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    As I say

    adjustByMajorUnit have no reaction also. For data in range [10,100] it looks ok but for [2,4] they are shows a decimals.

    return Ext.util.Format.number(value, '0.##');
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    Hello guys!

    I want to ask about Sencha Charts. I try to use charts from 4.2 version and seems for me that Sench Charts missed a very useful feature - force integer labels for Y axis.
    I searched...
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    Hi guys! Is there are any progress on this issue?
  8. After hard debugging it turns out our cell renderer is not friendly with numbers

    Sorry for worrying)
  9. Currently checked out version, now error looks like this

    ext-all-debug.js:191005 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'attributes' of null
  10. Hello guys!

    I'm building editable grid with multiple possible editors, and one of them is

    'number' : Ext.create('Ext.grid.CellEditor', {
    field: Ext.create('Ext.form.field.Number', {})...
  11. Thanks a lot Gary! Exactly that I'm talking about! And already fixed - great!
  12. Hello folks!

    I have an issue with arrow navigation in grid cells while trying to edit cell value with CellEditor.
    For example I have a grid with column like this:

    text :...
  13. As Slemmon says: CUD (create, update, and destroy) operations do not work with a buffered store.
  14. confirm this bug for extjs5.1 can't realize buffered store reload with applying filters
  15. extjs5 seems has the same behavior
  16. Hi folks!
    it seems this is a bug and also in extjs 5.0!
    Because I set

    grouping.startCollapsed = true;

    after init grid and then call
  17. I guess you better show listing of your store definition for complete issue description
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    skirtle, thanks for answer!

    this have no effect and it looks like there is no alternatives for :any in querySelectorAll.

    it's really useful feature, so i'll be missing on it)
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    Hello guys!

    I have an issue while trying to migrate my webapp to extjs 5 with

    Ext.create('Ext.tip.ToolTip', {
    delegate: ':any(.x-box-item|.x-field|.x-grid)',
  20. Hi folks! still having this issue on extjs
  21. well my hacky solution is attach to x-grid-row-over own ExtJS css class for sign mouseover row, which displayed stable despite on strange behavior of itemmouseenter\itemmouseleave events

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    first of all check that your combo editor's store contains selected cell value
  23. Hello Guys!

    It seems I have some issue with itemmouseenter\itemmouseleave events on grid rows, I use this events for dynamic display\hide icons on row cells like this
  24. well I develop a desktop-like js interface, this grid is a part of one windowed app and exception depend on window size e.g. count of rows viewed in grid, i considered two cases:
    - then viewSize of...
  25. Hello guys!
    I'm successfully migrate to ExtJS and found many useful changes, faster code execution. But now I have an issue with buffered store when trying to prefetch some data. While...
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