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  1. Ext.ux.form.SuperBoxSelect doesn't seem to support readOnly in the config i.e. setting to readonly the clear field crosses still work. Obviously setting to disabled fixes this but that's a different...
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    Please verify if my comments are accurate as help to others:

    - When adding a paging toolbar, an ID is automatically given. But seeing as ID's need to be unique, this needs to be manually changed...
  3. Bump
  4. Nice one chaps. I stuck it in the initComponent function of my implementation file. Can confirm it does work ;-)

  5. Here's an update: seems like the viewer is a subset of the full Safari API
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    ...just saw this RE same issue:

    will wait for V1.1.1 :)
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    Trying to use the new Save to Toolbox feature (from both a contect menu and the main menu). Doesn't allow me to do this on any of my existing XDS's. Works if I create and save a new one from scratch...
  8. I have a Tab Panel for customer information so is used multiple times. In the panel is a grid which lists customers files. The issue I have is that obviously each Grid needs a store with a unique ID...
  9. <allsfairinloveandwar>...agree if it's true seems a bit anti competitive and against the spirit of HTML5 </allsfairinloveandwar>
  10. What's Sencha's view on this:

    Exclusive Apple's iOS mobile operating system runs web applications at significantly slower speeds when they're launched from the iPhone or iPad home screen in...
  11. OK thanks, good to know. I actually just changed the column back to a grid column in designer and then set a renderer in the implementation file....
  12. Hmmm, maybe I'm missing something but how do I get something like this to work in designer then (or is it not possible?)

    { dateTest :...
  13. This works but don't know why the fm alias doesn't work:

    <tpl if="diary &lt; today"><span class="column-red">{diary:date("d/m/Y")}</span></tpl>
    <tpl if="diary &gt; today && diary &lt;...
  14. Was sure:

    <tpl if="[new Date(values.diary) > new Date()]"><span class="column-red">{diary:date("d/m/Y")}</span></tpl>

    was going to work but it doesn't...(always evaluates to red)
  15. I'm inserting XTemplate definitions into the tpl config field in Designer (EXT.grid.TemplateColumn). How do you insert template member functions such as:

    '<p>Name: {name}</p>',
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    Jarred this drove me nuts today; not a designer issue but can you move it to bugs for the RowExpander UX if applicable?
  17. Bump...

    Same in Ext4
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    hmmm...1 post, registered in Feb...there's a nice troll, play nicely

  19. A bit pedantic but this has bugged me for a long time. Portlet title bar's used in a Portal layout are not pixel perfect (zoom in to a standard Panel title bar and you will see the difference). Is...
  20. Yes please (I guess a work around is to change it manually but makes all my forms a little messy)
  21. A bit trivial but if you turn a combo into a read only, the style is correct but cursor is the wrong type (should be 'text' but remains a pointer). Is this the intended action?
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    Here's some more dirty triangle action
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    Hi Nigel, nice override. Quick question: Have you tried this with TextArea fields? Firebug tells me that the 'x-grid3-dirty-cell' CSS class is getting overridden. I can fix that using the !important...
  24. Cheers Jared (I'm sure it's being added ;-) )

    @LostSoul this is a fairly hidden (for me anway!) utility class that can be passed to the column model which creates a nice auto incrementing column...
  25. I'm using this to add Ext.grid.RowNumberer to my column model as it's not available natively in designer. I'm doing this in the custom method class that designer generates (after initComponent is...
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