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  1. I've used disableCache = false as a request config and it worked.

    Bellow the source code including it.

    var request = {
    url: "",
  2. Hi folks,

    I'm trying to make a request using Ext.Ajax.request and I can't remove the "disableCache" query parameter sent.

    Unfortunately, the RESTful API returns an error response due this...
  3. Hi guys,

    Reading this nice post about decoupling view elements from controllers, I faced off with the following issue in ExtJS 4.

    In ExtJS we have no this.control(...); method in the views (or...
  4. Hi guys,

    After some time debugging, it seems the problem was the context where it was being called the function.

    I've added in the init method a line like:

    var openCrmDashboardFn =...
  5. Hi Tobiu,

    First of all, thanks for your quick response.
    I know the limitations about the control and the lack of use references. What I'm trying to do is something like:

  6. Hi folks,

    In my app, I'm using ExtJS 4.2.1 and I have a viewport with one item, a main view, which it is a simple class extending from Ext.container.Container.

    I have a main controller too, and...
  7. Hi folks!

    I wonder if it is possible to build my app using different app.json files.
    I am using Sencha + Phonegap + Twitter plugins and the plugins are different for Android/iOS so I was thinking...
  8. Yes! this is the idea we shared with mberrie with the difference that we use nodeJS instead a bat file.
    Thanks for your thoughts!
  9. Because, for large scale applications it could be very fuzzy. Moreover, when you deal with designers, they could cause big headaches.

    Definitively, having a single file it's convenient from the...
  10. Hey dude, Thanks for sharing!

    Practically I've implemented the same approach. I built an app build tool wich it remains watching and works (with chokidar module) with precompiled css and added a...
  11. Yes, but we're still having html code in a string, isn't it ?

    I know that external resources could have performance issues (from the point of view of a request) but It would be helpful having it...
  12. Hi guys,

    I wonder if there is any way in sencha to get html templates from a resource.
    I know that I can create a class which a method which it gets by a proxy request resources from our...
  13. Hey dude, Thanks! This makes what I was searching ;)
  14. Thanks jerome76!

    I found a possible solution, but I'm not sure if it could have some performance issues.

    I created the store with a proxy requesting for the data. The autoload attribute was set...
  15. Hi folks,

    I'm creating a small application which it makes a request to an external API and populates a store (by a proxy). AFAIK, the store creates a collection of models.

    What I'm trying to do...
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